Liu Xiang’s ex-wife is now tearing each other inside the divorce explosion splitit

Liu Xiang’s ex-wife incumbent mutual divorce insider to explode lead: air Liu Xiang’s love life has been of concern, and his ex-wife GeTian and incumbent Wu Sha. It is still outstanding. Recently, the two open open caused onlookers. Liu Xiang and Wu’s ex-wife current enmity recently, Liu Xiang and Wu Sha’s ex-wife GeTian current hand drama released ", two people on both sides of the personal homepage space of dialogue, suspected the truth of Liu Xiang’s divorce opened numerous layers. The first is the netizen innuendo in the message: "Wu Shacheng lost to the bus, the bus is normal, love, and you are not a road, leaving a clean!" Then, Ge day reply: it seems that the insider!" Open hand drama. Then, by the "seats" into the bus Wu Sha sit still, she sent a quantity of information explosion of micro-blog, said Wu Shakespeare "I did the whole volume, no smoke, no fat being nurturing, nurturing is not extraordinary, not deliberately plan Pianhun, did not try to get money, even if I which day marriage, nor to my ex husband said ‘you told me I turn back to you double’ this shit! Above all, I will not do in the past, the future will not, who do who understand." GeTian subsequently issued a document: "made an oath I reiterated Pianhun pseudopregnancy" reiterated many times, no! Absolutely not! Who did not even have this idea, who can not die! Similarly, who made this rumor is not good to die!" And said he would be really brave to live, I hope life is beautiful. As the prime time television drama although GeTian has repeatedly claimed that "two wide, at their joy, but since after the divorce with Liu Xiang, she kept on Wu Shafang lengjian. All users or forwarding the message said "" pseudopregnancy "rumors pseudopregnant people have retribution!" Or directly, domineering reply netizen said "I didn’t do what, do what you ask the two players". Liu Xiang and Wu Sha often because of enenyuanyuan pushed myself to the in the teeth of the storm. In September 2014, Ge day and Liu Xiang licensing of marriage. In June 2015, Liu Xiang announced the end of the marriage due to personality differences and Ge days. This short period of less than a year of marriage caused hot friends. In January 2016, Liu Xiang and the former women’s pole vaulter Wu Sha publicly acknowledged the affair. Since then, the three emotional entanglements. GeTian and Liu Xiang divorce had issued "can take away the love is not love, a mistress suspected alluding to participate. It is said Ge day pseudopregnant forced, GeTian denied, but Liu Xiang has not been sound. Shortly thereafter, Liu Xiang and his former girlfriend Wu Sha, and in the reality show that suspected married rumors. And all the stars to explore the so-called Liu Xiang father’s chat record, said the confusion of personal life in the Wu Sha. Wu Shafa lawyer letter, Liu Xiang also the first time voice, something rushed me". GeTian in personal homepage with netizens slobber battle intensified, now the plot upgrade, two people directly across the empty tear. Lily network vice president Mu Yan shouts behind GeTian, said GeTian rich family without more money, alluding to the relationship between men and women "Oh Liu Xiang". Came to the crowd of friends just to see a bustling, but presumably the parties is The mind is very confused. Is this the past things, really can not live? The most important thing to break up is to say goodbye to the past.相关的主题文章: