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Live notice: the story of female HPV infection, prevention and treatment of maternal – Sohu many friends know that sex can lead to HPV infection, so some people worry that the kiss will be caused by HPV infection? On this issue, has confirmed that the mode of transmission is in direct contact with the skin, mucosa to mucosa to mucosa, including vaginal, anal and oral sex, other ways can infect HPV, the current evidence is limited. However, smoking, multiple sexual partners, and early onset of the first act will increase the risk of HPV infection. Since sexual life is the main cause of HPV infection, treatment is not very simple? To avoid or eliminate sexual life, you can treat HPV infection? In some formal three hospitals, doctors will indeed explained patients, home 3 months don’t again, after 3~6 months HPV. Is this the right way? High risk HPV infection, and what should be done? Need treatment? In order to help the female friends to have a scientific understanding of HPV, October 31, 2016 (Monday) (us er medical interest public number) invited the Beijing city first integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in obstetrics and gynecology hospital doctor Fu Hong guest Sina asked the doctor to share "red bean live with a female friend about the prevention and treatment of HPV infection in women," live online class, if you have similar confusion, welcome to listen to. (high quality online classroom, pay attention to the medical Er fun public platform, free to listen!) The following is the medicine to ER fun public platform for fans to ask questions, if you have a similar confusion, welcome to the public notice of the number of classroom comments below: 1, check whether the HPV value, or typing, my report is 16 and 18 is a number, a number of other high-risk, ask the teacher in the end, HPV inspection report to see how? 2, pay the teacher Hello, I found out a year ago, HPV6, genital condyloma acuminatum, the local doctor said that if you do not have good treatment before pregnancy, changes in hormone secretion after pregnancy will lead to sharp condyloma. I would like to ask if I was cured after the pregnancy, or now pregnant? 3, doctor, I am currently infected with HPV16, HPVL1 negative antibody, TCT report showed moderate inflammation, no lesions or malignant cells. Need further confirmation of hysteroscopy. 4, pay doctor, I am 27 years old to fight cervical vaccine is also effective? 5, doctor, Hello, I have chronic cervicitis, low risk type 42, secretion has been thick or egg yolk, how can you say that you can get pregnant as soon as possible? If you have HPV infection and prepare pregnancy obstetrics, please pay attention to the public interest Er medicine platform to prepare pregnant women with HPV infection on "live classroom, prevention and treatment", October 31st (Monday) Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor Fu Hong and talk about those things with 20:00-21:00 HPV infection in Beijing city the first in western medicine let us Be There Or Be Square! The lecturer: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fu Hong Fu Hong, female, physician, Beijing First Hospital of Obstetrics and gynecology in western medicine, and the medical profession columnist, author of "Lilac Garden spring doctor, columnist, today’s headlines.相关的主题文章: