Lixian County, Baoding, 5 year old boy was found dead 追踪309

Baoding Lixian County 5 year old boy falling body was found in Shijiazhuang on 10 November, (China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Fan Jiangtao) in November 10th 23 PM, Hebei Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Changcun a boy in the 6 day at 11:30 unfortunately well after nearly 108 hours, was finally found, that many people are concerned about the the rescue came to an end. According to the deputy chief of the rescue work, Lixian County County standing committee, deputy governor Wu Sujie introduction: after medical experts confirmed that the child has no vital signs, very sorry." In the rescue scene, when rescue workers will rise from underground boy, the doctor confirmed the boy died after the rescue of the driver of the vehicle was turned on the lights and sirens and condolences to the boy at the age of 5 years only. According to reports, the 6 day at 11:30 in the morning, Meng Changcun took his son to a village to dig in the cabbage, children are playing in the process accidentally fell into the abandoned wells in. After the incident, the villagers call 110, and to help the village "two committees". After receiving the alarm, police officers and firefighters and rural cadres rushed to the scene, the rescue. Lixian County county Party committee and government to start the first time contingency plans, the establishment of command agencies, launched an orderly rescue. At the same time, many volunteer rescue teams and the masses have come to join the rescue. In the rescue process, we and professional rescue teams, public security, fire and other aspects of water conservancy experts and scholars to study and develop rescue programs." Wu Sujie said, blue rescue team first through the preliminary measurement equipment rescue depth of about 40 meters, and through the life detector, professional infrared video, professional salvage equipment such as mechanical arm to scan and bottom detection, found that only children toys, no detectable signs of life. But the children of the family and the relevant personnel insisted that the children in the well, the rescue team through the investigation of the surrounding environment, there is no danger to cause harm to the child, wells and other hidden puddle. In this case, we are guided by the concept of "life first", at all costs to rescue." 10 days 21 when, from the bottom of the visible layer is more than 1 meters distance, a rescue team told reporters that in the visible layers have not yet found the falling boy, and in the rescue work and adhere to two hours later, finally results. Wu Sujie introduced in the tunneling process, the successful handling of the 4 earth fissure collapse danger, to overcome the influence of a number of technical problems and bad weather, overcome the sand sliding and complex geological structures such as the difficulty of hypoxia, finally to the expected depth, mining. During the rescue, rescue forces from Shanxi and the Hebei society of Shijiazhuang, Baoding free spontaneous, rushed to the scene to participate in the rescue, there are more than and 20 professional rescue teams and private voluntary organizations and the surrounding villagers spontaneously organized rescue workers a total of more than 500 people involved in the rescue. As of now, to participate in the rescue of the excavator, forklift trucks, earth moving vehicles, bulldozers and other large machinery and vehicles up to 165, nearly 300 thousand square excavation, the community received a total donation of 17 yuan, receiving egg 2200 pounds, 2100 boxes of instant noodles, enterprises donated 28 tons of diesel, and the tube wall, cotton coat, cotton padded shoes etc.. "You Yuying相关的主题文章: