Lol female anchor exposes the plastic body 7 parts photos before the big change dingxiangwuyuetian

LOL female anchor exposes the plastic body 7 parts: photos before the big change of Taiwan female anchor Shen Qiqi has a E cup of hot body, by netizens for "milk niang". She is the main broadcast of the game is LOL, but also often organize friends to play with her. In addition, she also often live fitness, body proud, looks pure, style is quite bold, and thus popular network. Recently, Shen Qiqi Taiwan TV programs, but their exposure before plastic photos, and said: the whole body of 7 parts, cost $600 thousand. Everyone exclaimed: oh! It’s just another person! Anchor plastic surgery before and after contrast Shen Qiqi admitted that the shaping of NT $600 thousand, just spend NT $200 thousand for breast augmentation, but also includes the eyelid, nose, chin osteotomy, lacrimal sulcus, apple muscle, sonic, etc.. But she said that the whole after she became very confident, popularity is also good, before the audition will not be elected, but now some manufacturers take the initiative to find a home. Shen Qiqi said that he was not encouraged "shaping, shaping end but I don’t regret it, not have a beautiful face without congenital lordosis after Alice’s body, I am willing to rely on their own efforts to retrieve the acquired face figure, invest in yourself and I think it’s worth." The HD Atlas > >相关的主题文章: