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Look at your child, I think you are very ill – Sohu mother and mother last night to accompany his mother to visit his uncle, because his grandson birthday invited us to dinner. Around a table, probably a dozen individuals. In the process of dining room, I have only one child, a quarrel. The child was about two years old, he took the key love banging on the bowl, a bang, throw the key in the next brother’s desk, thanks brother escape; dinner, he ran around the table, crawl. The man in the chair tried to keep him off the ground, but the more he said, the more he laughed. At the end of the cake, he cried to stand on the table and eat the cake that was not yet finished. As soon as he cried, his parents took him on the table. He took a fork, and on top of the big cake, ate the cake, and his face was satisfied. I was shocked, for the first time to see a parent to allow their children in front of outsiders so rude. Obviously is a very lovely child, how do I feel not cute, even a little angry. It is normal for a child to cry, but it is not normal that parents do not have to stop and discourage them. The moment when he stood on the table, and even when they face a feel immensely proud with us: ", he is love; so, every time I see good, have to climb the table to eat. ": "we can not stop ah, and the child is not sensible normal." His father said. You are an adult can not stop their children standing in front of the table to eat? I have not made, can’t stop, or didn’t want to stop? Fortunately, the meal is a relative, if it is a friend, or some colleagues on the job? Is it possible to "stop" to cover up their own education inappropriate? Sometimes, people like to use the child is not sensible to wipe this originally belonged to the parents of the crime". That night, we eat very late, because no one offered to pay. On the way home, I heard a conversation between my mother and my aunt. "Every time we come here to visit him, is forced me to pay, this time I’m not so stupid, payment is not a problem, but I ran far away to celebrate your birthday, let me pay this turn?" Aunt reluctantly told my mother. "I expect him to have been very chilling. Over the years I have been asked to borrow money, but not once. He has his own business, the house, the car is ready to buy. Who said no money to go out?" Aunt came in from the country is very small business, hard to solve the problem of existence. Remember at the dinner table, with uncle aunt said, this year to a one-time payment of hundreds of thousands of cars, money is not the first, give her money next year. "You need to use it first." Aunt replied, I saw her smile is full of frustration. Think of my mother said, in the country, the uncle’s house, Grandpa grandmother’s house has been flooded half, no place to live, to let them live in the house, but do not let the two old with their washing at相关的主题文章: