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Fashion-Style Two things we know for sure about 2009: youll probably still be paying careful attention to where you spend your fashion dollar and keeping close tabs on credit card usage as America gradually climbs out from challenging economic ups and downs from last year. Second, your daughter, whether shes a young girl, tween or teen will still want to look fashionable everyday when she goes to school and on the weekends. As a smart mom, how do you make wise choices for her that wont break the budget? Also, how do you ensure your daughter still feels like shes fashionable and able to express her individuality and personal sense of style without buying more Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers T-shirts? When you go over her wardrobe together with her and assess what fits and what doesnt for spring, naturally there are certain basics your daughter will have grown out of that will need replacing so she looks neat and fresh. But basic pieces, while a necessity like blue jeans, dont always have the fashion pizzazz and special excitement that make her feel confident, special and updated for 2009. Consider taking a page from European style makers. They dress a little differently from Americans. Women and girls from countries like France, Italy and Great Britain often buy just a few basic pieces worn over and over. Then they punch them up a myriad of different ways with standout accessories like belts, jewelry, shoes and purses. There are some great advantages of dressing this way for your daughter that go far beyond the issues we face in 2009: 1) when it comes to dressing your daughter shes less likely to outgrow accessories for a few years, 2) Youre teaching her good habits that will last a lifetime when it comes to smart spending thats fashionable, and 3) she will have a much easier time putting outfits together every morning before school. Consider XpressIt belts found at ..xpressitdesigns.. with Twistonz. They give your daughter flexibility expressing her personality and her mood with one or two special accessories. The belts .e in a variety of hot fashion colors for Spring 2009 including mimosa yellow, classic red, aqua blue, limey green and perfect white. Grommet holes all the way around the belt give girls a virtual canvas to affix the Twistonz, little metal discs, made in America, about the size of a penny with cute pictures, sayings and symbols. Your daughter can choose the color(s) she likes best and the Twistonz provide her with an opportunity to express herself. From spelling out her name around the belt to Twistonz that express a passion for going green, sports, shopping and more. Plenty of choices are available and the site has a fun Ideas page to inspire her and spark her creativity. In fact, the belts are so hot they were featured in holiday gifts bags given to Hollywood celeb-moms like Heidi Klum, Brooke Shields and Debra Messing. American designer, James Androuais, developed the idea when he noticed the popularity of .working sites like MySpace and Facebook. He noticed how much girls love expressing themselves with their friends. 22 year old Androuais says, XpressIt belts and Twistonz let girls have something special, all their own and fun to wear. A cool belt in hot colors thats uniquely expressive at the same time is what girls want to make that same pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt or blouse look fresh for Spring 2009. She can be updated without purchasing a new wardrobe. ExpressIt belts also give girls, tweens and teens a fashion choice thats wholesome and age appropriate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: