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L’OREAL Paris fashion week Wanda  Nylon show makeup secret – Fashion – people.com.cn from the French brand Wanda Nylon started to a young, good at practical materials will play for the Paris spirit. In spring 2017 Paris Fashion Week show, Paris L’OREAL cosmetics, full participation in the Wanda Nylon and other creative design. Beautiful nude makeup, modern minimalist style and practical dialogue, modern Paris women’s whims and grace, behaved most incisive. Wanda Nylon followed the usual style, used in the design of rubber and plastic raincoat material, and the use of a large area of purple, green mustard, lemon yellow, the color looks hard to hold but more highlight the confident uninhibited temperament. The accessories design also highlights a lot: fisherman hat, big sunglasses absolutely become spotlight nirvana, there are many metal chains visible elements, pendants, earrings, and even clothes are decorated. These unique details make the overall shape looks both handsome and cool sense of science and technology, and there is no lack of women’s gentle and soft. Paris fashion week 2017 Wanda Nylon show pictures of Paris fashion week 2017 Wanda Nylon show pictures of Paris L’OREAL as the T behind the make-up master, for every Ma Dou shaped plain and not pale skin tender and refreshing nude make-up, with a healthy sheen, and better reflects the modern minimalist style costume the suction eye is not too distracting. Paris fashion week 2017 Wanda Nylon backstage makeup photos Name: Aqua breathing nude make-up Paris fashion week 2017 Wanda Nylon backstage photos show makeup interpretation: Wanda Nylon clever use of color and texture of shiny rousha naked a lot of fresh, modern classical elements in different mix sense, expressed the fond of the modern designer mixed Street costume sense. In the exaggerated and Xuanliang accessories echo, makeup effect remains simple clear, modern minimalist style transfer strong and confident and practical sense. A transparent texture of the nude make-up, perfect interpretation of the true meaning of winning without makeup makeup. Occasionally the blink of an eye showing a pale brown eye shadow, make makeup look more delicate. Smooth black eyeliner with enlarged eye color, thick eyebrow micro natural health, natural charm like nature itself. Finally, a simple nude color lipstick embellishment, show Yingrun full lips, to increase the overall makeup water youthful atmosphere, highlighting the personal independence of conduct fashion attitude. Paris fashion week 2017 Wanda Nylon backstage photos show makeup recommend a single product: Paris L’OREAL odd shine light porcelain muscle light liquid foundation Paris L’OREAL air cushion Fen Ze Lip Balm – A Midsummer Night’s dream (101 series: car cormon, commissioning editor Li?)相关的主题文章: