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Spirituality Do you believe in the karma of love? The spiritual connection between two people who transcends lifetimes? If you’ve experienced the incredible, almost incomprehensible closeness that loving someone so deeply can bring, it’s NOT a tough leap to make that love extend beyond a particular life span. Whether or not you are spiritual, or just romantic, the idea that we come into this world with a spiritual partner, or a possible partner we picked LONG before this life started, is a popular concept in MOST conventional spiritual traditions, and new age thought alike. For example? Kaballah, or the "mystical" understanding of much Jewish law, believes that each soul is "split" into two halves, when it is born physical form. The subsequent search for one’s "Beshert", or spiritual soul-mate is a very basic part of Jewish life and love……and those that practice believe that the Universe, or the higher planes of existence hold the key to ALL the solutions of life, LOVE, karma and connection. What about additional religions or belief systems? Virtually all possess a rich history and teaching on the tradition of soulmates and spiritual partnerships that go beyond lifetimes. However the simple truth is, the belief in karma, along with the amazing way that the Universe conspires to show us lessons concerning LOVE have the power to transform your life in incredible ways, if you open your heart, and HEAD to the power and potential that lies within. Here’s an Impressive example: In his series of national bestselling books on karma, LOVE and spiritual development like "Only Love is Real", Dr Brian Weiss, a Harvard trained Psychiatrist stumbled upon a weird therapy method that seemed to resolve almost ALL of his patients relationship issues: He REGRESSED them through hypnosis to previous lives……where they encountered many of the SAME those that they had relationship issues with today. What started off as an mishap, became the SOLE focus of his psychiatry practice for 20 years thereafter. Marriages and love affairs that were problematic in THIS life, he found had their origins in other incarnations. Even parent and sibling relationship tribulations were found to have their origin in prior "lifetimes" where similar dynamics (often reversed) were in play. And whether you suspect it’s all a bunch of "bunk" or not……..the straightforward truth is, this out of the ordinary therapy WORKED! Patients found that facing, and then resolving marital troubles in a prior lifetime, while regressed……was an incredible and almost INSTANT way to overcome problems in their present one. Why? Because they realized that their soul-mates…..or spiritual partners, were extraordinary "souls" who they were here to grow with, share with and learn from. Knowing that the issues they faced were very small, in contrast to the Universal grand plan for each of us, which is to continue to evolve, learn lessons, and strive for a state of pure love and bliss. Here’s Precisely what I’ve learned regarding love, the universe and my own spiritual progress: We each choose, to some extent, the cycle and circumstances that govern our lives. (the astrological essentials of this incarnation) We each choose the relationships and spiritual partners we are here to HEAL, to help and to grow with. Everything is a matter of CHOICE. You’ll find no fixed outcomes, or static endings that are set in stone. That which we DON’T figure out now…….will need to revisited in the future..:-) Problems with a parent, or splits with a spouse, if NOT addressed and overcome now, stay in our karma of "connection" and NOT working through them is simply procrastinating on a GRAND cosmic scale and stage. Lastly – and I truly believe this, the ONLY thing that actually matters is love. How much you’ll be able to give…..and of course, hopefully, how much you feel in return. Everything else, as Shakespeare said so well – is pretty much sound and noise, signifying nothing. Only love is real. Learn THAT one lesson, and the stars will Beam on you, I promise..:-) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: