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Lycopene benefits or strongest radiation – Sohu health lycopene (a carotenoid pigment found in fruits and vegetables, the plant pigment is a common health care medicine) for radiation damage effect is very obvious. A team from University of Manchester and the Keele University in the United Kingdom looked at lycopene and its effect on radiation protection. Radiation is the treatment of many tumors, but the side effects of radiation often limit the effectiveness of treatment. The results show that lycopene is very effective in the protection of the damage caused by gamma radiation. Therefore, the regulation of diet is an effective means to reduce radiation damage. Another important finding of the study is that lycopene can effectively reduce the concentration of oxide. This study shows that, in the case of low gamma radiation dose, lycopene can effectively protect human cells from radiation damage, but in the case of high doses, the protective effect is not clear. The researchers hope that this positive effect of lycopene can be used in cancer radiotherapy because of the concentration of oxide in the targeted site caused by radiotherapy. (Song Lin)相关的主题文章: