MacOS Sierra official version of the desktop version of Siri is stupid with the Sohu of science and

MacOS Sierra official version of the desktop version of Siri is stupid after molesting Sohu last year WWDC technology, Apple launched the first beta version of OS X El Capitan in July, in order to experience the new split screen, memos and apple square font, my first time to download the update, but often appear in the computer little bug let me regret. So, this year I just wait until today to launch macOS Sierra official version, updated. Wait is worth it, the official version of the upgrade is smooth. 4 GB more than the file download, the installation took half an hour. Use for a long time, my 2013 Macbook Pro run smooth, no Caton and heating conditions. The function of experience, macOS Sierra version of Siri is amazing, soon it will follow iPhone on Siri, become a have always been molested, stupid but very practical in some scenes, little helper. On the Mac copy, paste on the iPhone general clipboard is also very amazing, but I still encountered problems in the actual use. In addition, there are more intelligent macOS Sierra photos, iCloud Drive and storage optimization functions. This may not be an upgrade to make you feel like a new machine to replace the system, but it is stable, smooth, plus those useful new features, recommended that you upgrade Mac users. The desktop version of the Siri Apple announced this year, the Mac operating system for the first time from OS X to macOS, will also use the term. However, despite the name changed, macOS Sierra changes in UI is very small, if it is not the Siri icon on the Dock bar, you may find it difficult to see the difference between the previous version of OS X. The desktop version of Siri called the new features of macOS Sierra maximum, it provides iPhone and similar experience, in spite of the semantic understanding and third party software support problems still exist, but in the search for documents, applications, access to weather, route and other basic information, it is very practical. Siri default startup mode is to press the Command key and the space bar, you can also click on the Dock or above the menu bar icon. Apple said, the desktop version of Siri the purpose is to help you to handle multiple tasks, such as writing, you can call Siri to send text messages to colleagues. In addition, you can ask Siri to find the file, for example, I said "help me find the title" containing UAV "document", it immediately found me 7: in writing, if you want to find a picture, also can directly turn to the Siri, and search for.相关的主题文章: