Madeleine Vionnet The Queen Of The Bias

Fashion-Style If shes not called by her first name Madeleine, shes referred to by many as the architect among dressmakers or the queen of the bias cut. This French fashion designer is best known today for her sophisticated Grecian-inspired dresses. Shes also the one responsible for introducing the bias cut to the fashion industry. Her styles may be simple but they involve a long and tedious preparation process cutting, draping, and pinning. Shes known to use materials like satin and gabardine. Her choice of fabric were non conventional for fashion in the early 90s. She wanted her every vacation to be luxurious, sophisticated, simple, and contemporary at the same time. Shes best known to making dresses that cling into the wearers curves but swings as she moves. Through the years, the house of Vionnet has had its own share of tribulations. In 2006, the fashion line was managed under the ownership of Arnaud de Lummen with Marc Audibet and Sophia Kokosalaki as its designers. Three years later, in 2009, Italian businessman Matteo Marzotto took over the business and hired the brilliant Rodolfo Paglialunga as creative director. Paglialunga was a breath of fresh air to Vionnet customers. His designs are a beautiful fusion of contemporary and tradition making the brand a huge favorite among Tinseltown leading ladies including Cameron Diaz and Emma Watson. We scoured some of the best Vionnet pieces and here are some of the bests. Floral-print silk Georgette skirt. The skirt comes with vivid multi-colored floral design. Its pleated navy silk-georgette is sure to keep you chic anywhere you go. Its drawstring waist will keep wearers comfy. Match the skirt with a basic top or with a pair of chunky wedges or boots. Ladies are sure to standout if they wear this to a concert or to their weekend events. Bi-colour gold plated cuff. If you want an accessory that will make you standout even if youre wearing a simple and basic wardrobe, Vionnets gold plated cuff is sure to do the trick. You can also wear this with your favorite lace dress. It will give you the sultry Audrey Hepburn look with a modern twist. Printed silk tulip skirt. The skirt features a tulip hem. This distinctive design is sure to give every wearer a different spunk. It drapes with partially open front and a concealed zip. The designer name is beautifully printed at the back. Wear the skirt with a cute top to capture the indie look of Zooey Deschanel. Bodice-detailed silk chiffon dress. This Vionnet sleeveless dress features crepe bodice appliqu that accentuates the overall getup of the wearer. This is perfect for your evening events. You can wear this with a pair of boots if you want a more funky appeal but you can also match the dress with a stiletto to look more feminine. These Vionnet pieces are exceptional. You cant find them in usual fashion stores. But Parlour X, gives you a wide range of Vionnet creations at very competitive prices. Parlour X is Sydneys most fabulous shopping designation & its new online boutique offers coveted collections from the worlds most influential, leading designers. Click onto the Parlour X website ASAP & discover this fabulous exciting new shopping experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: