Making Your Content Stand

Business A well-known food editor was recently asked how she perceived her value as a renowned food critic, when, with the click of a mouse, anyone could go to Yelp or CitySearch to access aggregated restaurant reviews from every Tom, Dick, and Harry (along with two hundred of their closest friends). She admitted that the sheer amount of user-generated content now available made her job more challenging, but also proved to be beneficial by causing overall writing quality to go up. Why? Because in the highly .petitive world of food writing, each person strives to stand out and be considered the true expert in the field. Whether youre writing about Michelin-rated restaurants or the benefits of software, youre .peting for consumer eyeballs. As content providers, how do we position ourselves as experts in increasingly .petitive industries, especially when the idea of thought leadership can be as fleeting and temporary as your latest Twitter update? Whats more, can we learn to employ user-generated content (positive or negative) and content from other experts in our quest to stand out in the crowd? Lets explore a few ways to ac.plish this. You are your own brand, so find an authoritative voice and stick to it. Content creators are brand creators. Sure youve got something to say, but what leaves an indelible mark on readers minds is more often how we say something. This is your chance to not only say something that matters, but to also say it in a way that only your .pany could. Click through the pages on your Web site and see if youre speaking to your audience in a way thats both accessible and authoritative. Moreover, make sure this tone remains consistent from page to page. Even if you switched copywriters halfway through your last redesign, good marketing writers should be able to emulate a single writing style throughout a site. Your parents always said it was important to share. And so it goes with great content. While the concept of viral marketing has evolved dramatically over the past ten years or so, the underlying sentiment is the same. As we forward to a friend, retweet, post to our Wall, and essentially do everything short of stopping random strangers on the street to tell them about what we think is funny, cool, and useful that weve just seen online, we cant keep our mouths (or keyboards) shut, and social media just gave us the biggest megaphone of all. To take advantage of this, we should make it our objective to tailor content to fit this new way of spreading the news. Its now all about 140 characters, online videos, and blog posts, but the idea is the same. People still crave content thats informative, engaging, and digestible, and now that its be.e even easier to share, its in our best interest to .ply with their needs. Third-party opinions matterand increase your own credibility . Its not about who you know its aboutwell, who are we kiddingit still is about who you know. More importantly, its about how you share great information from other experts out there in a way thats engaging, useful, and increases your own credibility. Lets face it, an expert necessarily requires other people to think that youre one, and this credibility is built up over time, not to mention with many people weighing in on the matter. So while youre refining your own thoughts and ideas, find other thought leaders in your space, get to know them and the content they produce, and start quoting the real memorable nuggets of information that will not only make you look like a fan of theirs, but a rock star in your own right. Just be sure to give credit where credits due, of course. Find inspirationeven in your biggest critics. If you incorporate .munity content into your site, you know that managing negative feedback is still an everyday challenge. While different businesses choose to moderate and manage less-than-stellar .ments in their own ways, its important to realize that this negativity can be also transformed into fodder for your next piece of online content. Has a user .plained about your online customer service? Apologize directly, and start blogging about the challenges of meeting customer needs on the Weband what you intend to do about it. Most users will appreciate your personal response to their .ments, and you can transform what was once a discrete .plaint or .ment into a larger topic of discussion on which others can add their two cents (while giving you a soapbox to provide your own expert opinions). Not only will you establish yourself and your .pany as responsive listeners, but you will also have the undivided attention of your .munity members for at least a few minutes out of their day (which is all we really wanted in the first place, right?) Establish expertise through increasingly relevant and engaging content. One of the biggest challenges online content providers face is the ability to stay relevant and sticky for readers. Part of this is ac.plished by just providing content with value, but we can also do our best to create pieces designed with repeat visits in mind. The next time youre tasked with creating new content for your Web site, try to envision if theres a way to get more bang for your buck. Instead of producing one, long video thats bound to lose viewers that just dont have 45 minutes to spend with you at a time, create a three-part series that will keep people .ing back for more. This type of content helps emphasize your expertise in a specific area, and also gives you the opportunity to stay top of mind with them through follow-up emails, etc. And be sure to use data about repeat visitors to better optimize their content every time they return. Pay attention to not only the type of content certain visitors are most attracted to, but also the pages they visited on your site. When you use targeted content to stay relevant and address your audiences needs, you make a strong case for yourself as both a good listener and a resident expert. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: