Malaysia to buy 18 warships to deal with exposure to China – Sohu Military Channel 追踪309

Malaysia to buy a China exposure of 18 ships trading Sohu military channel page first: Malaysia a purchase of 18 warships China [Abstract] official confirmed Malaysia will purchase 18 ship "offshore multi task ship to China" (LMS), to replace the current service for more than 40 years of gun boats and fast attack boats the contract will be signed in November 5th. Some media reports said that the two sides may be the first of the 2 modes of trade, offshore multi mission ship will be built in China, and the rest will be built in Malaysia naval shipyard. The 3000 ton C28A military trade frigates are the group of independent research and development and construction of military products, is the top level research, overall design, assembly and construction "three-in-one" development model is a successful example of equipment. This series represents the highest level of current technology of ship ship of our military trade products, to create China’s export ship comprehensive operational performance of the strongest, the most fierce fire, the most advanced equipment of the new record. Text with map: trial C82A light frigate. Observer network synthesis: Malaysia defense network reported on October 25th, Malaysia will purchase "China offshore multi task ship" (LMS) has been confirmed, Malaysia’s defense minister Hishamuddin confirmed on October 25th, the contract will be signed in November 5th. Malaysia plans to purchase 18 aircraft to replace the LMS, currently serving more than 40 years of gunboats and a fast counter attack craft, September 10th China contractor to submit proposals to the government of Malaysia, the proposal presented in the LMS length of about 70 meters. Malaysia insiders also suggested that China had been purchased to export to the Algeria C82A light frigate. "In November 5, 2016, the Ministry of defence and the national defense science and technology industry China administration signed the" offshore multi task ship "(LMS) of the purchase contract, it is important to the end of the month the official visit of prime minister Chinese." Hishammuddin at a party when it comes to the Department of defense. He has no further explanation of the contract, but later in the social media claims that LMS’s procurement means that the Royal Navy of Malaysia "15-to-5" program is advancing. Further reading: Algeria has received Chinese strongest export ships with aircraft carrier Liaoning ship Island hanging Malaysia flag to welcome a person: backing is not small (Figure)相关的主题文章: