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Man, 60 years old to give you a girl, what can you do? [figure] Sohu travel to write a letter to Liu Zhiqiang I want to write a letter to myself, now want to write. This letter to myself, but also for the future of heaven. For more than thirty years, I have never written a letter to myself, and I have not written a decent text to myself. I often say, as long as people happy, healthy life on the line. But recently I will think of some things in the deep night, even some verses, I said, I must put down these records, such as their old, then took out a personal appreciation. Tonight, taking advantage of the autumn wind, I sat at the table, wrote this letter, is to muster all the courage, but also save enough of all the strength. Some people ask, write a letter to yourself, need courage and strength? I’m telling you, it’s true, it takes a lot of courage. Like, we love to the female friend to write a love letter, a little excited, a little nervous, a little excited. No courage to write a letter of satisfaction. I want to write this letter to my 30 year old. 30 years old is a man what kind of age, a lot of people do not know. I am now more than and 30 years old, and now I do not understand what I want to be around the age of 30, I only know what I want to do? At this time we are not more than and 20 years old that time crazy, naughty…… At this time we are a little calm, but things will encounter 20 year old emotions and practices. You say, we are grown up or is growing up. So now I’m writing this letter, and I don’t want to mention the years ago. Because, I’m growing up. I want to write this letter to my 40 year old. 40 years old, the most exciting moment of life, but also every man’s golden period, but also the quality of every woman in mind. So, I think at the age of 40, to become a real writer, I want to write a beautiful life, want to write the real life. These words are not a few simple characters, but I want to use real feelings to express and describe. I think, 40 years old, I am not so stupid, not so crazy, not so naughty now. I want to be a literary old youth, early exercise, every day, with a loving heart to feel the beauty of life. I want to write this letter to my 50 year old. Every person from childhood to youth, and then from youth to middle age, and then from middle age to old age, every age has its own wonderful life. 50 years ago, what I am, I do not know, but I must understand what to do after the age of 50? What, what, what to drink because of playing cards, what…… These will all leave me. When we are naughty, we lively, but after 50 years, then we will enter old age, then we will feel the fragility of life and life’s sadness. I want to live a life, the dream into a dream, the future into reality. I want to write this letter to my 60 year old. At the age of 60, the children call us grandpa. Some people take the bus seat, public toilet may not line up, may go to the tourist spots!相关的主题文章: