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Man owes 2 million yuan to implicate his ex-wife Court: the ex-wife should not bear responsibility at the time of divorce, Anji man Chen Liang and Zhang Pingliang say very clearly that their respective deposit debt burden, owe each other. After divorce, her ex husband Chen Liang a sum of 2 million yuan of debt creditors came to the door, Zhang Ping also became a defendant. Recently, the loan dispute in Anji court hearing. This occurred in the relationship between husband and wife in the period of 2 million yuan of debt in the end by whom? The debt of 2 million yuan why the Chen Liang and Zhang Ping got married on 1994. Chen Liang in order to help friends working capital, in November 2011 3 to the founding of the loan of $2 million. The same day, the founding of the high bank transfer by way of transfer to 1 million 500 thousand yuan Chen Liang, $500 thousand. For the credit, Chen Liang issued a promissory note, agreed to 2.5% of the monthly monthly income, loan period from November 3, 2011 to February 2, 2012. The two sides also agreed that if the creditor fails to repay the loan principal, Gao Jianguo to realize the creditor’s rights of lawyer fees, legal fees, transportation fees, all costs borne by the borrower Chen Liang. Has also been implicated in the February 2013 divorce, gaojianguo Yizhisuzhuangjiang Chen Liang and Zhang Ping court. Originally, Chen Liang was not timely return of funds turnover friend Gao Jianguo, also failed to the agreed date before the return of 2 million yuan of debt, the loan interest paid only 2 months. In October 2012, Chen Liang and Zhang Ping divorce agreement, the two sides agreed to jointly owned by the husband and wife of all the property owned by the man, respectively, the name of the bank loans and private loans are responsible for their return. Zhang Ping said that she and Chen Liang have been divorced, and two people say it is clear that the debt is too high, she should not be a high court. Gao Jianguo insisted that the debt is 2 million yuan in Chen Liang, the marriage of the relationship between the debt occurred during the behavior of the husband and wife, is the common debt of the husband and wife, should be jointly by the parties to repay the debt of the. One person or two people to share the same period of the husband and wife to spend $2 million, his wife Zhang Ping did not use a penny, really want to be together? In this regard, the Anji court of justice in the trial that, according to the provisions of the marriage law, the two sides registered marriage, both husband and wife of the couple’s legal protection, and each has an independent personality rights. China’s "marriage law" provisions of the common debt of the husband and wife refers to both the husband and wife for marriage and living together during the marriage to fulfill the obligations of the statutory obligation to bear the debt. Generally refers to the husband and wife during the marriage relationship for the settlement of the need for common life clothing, food, housing, travel, medicine and other activities and perform legal obligations and joint production, management of the debt. According to the existing evidence, can not prove that Chen Liang borrowed 2 million yuan from the founding of the state for the husband and wife to live together and production. Therefore, the Anji court ruled that 2 million yuan loan department of Chen Liang’s personal debt, the debt should not bear the obligation of repayment of the obligation of the Zhang Ping. (the text is a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: