Manchester United defeat forced Mourinho to reshuffle the strongest demon child with

Manchester United defeat forced Mourinho to reshuffle the strongest demon child with Ibrahimovic? Guardiola and Mourinho are still looking for the strongest lineup of sina sports season first Manchester Derby, Manchester United lost 1-2 to Manchester city. It was the first time that the magic bird had tasted defeat at Manchester united. This feeling is certainly not good, in particular is lost to their rivals Guardiola. After the game, Mourinho bluntly some players’ performance is lower than expected, taking into account the depth of Manchester United bench, which may stimulate the re shuffling of the lineup for the Mourinho. Mourinho the Bianzhen and beyond all expectations, will put the first lingard mkhitaryan, but because of the two condition, the Bianzhen effect is very bad, it also has become an important cause of Manchester United lose. So, on the offensive line, Mourinho is bound to make adjustments. For the time being, it is clear that M F Kobita Liang and the team also need to find the state and rhythm of the game, they did not reach the best state of the body, obviously not with his teammates on a beat. In the short term, M F Kobita Liang may still need to play from the bench, Mata’s opportunity to come again. The first 3 quarters of the Spanish attack in fact play is still quite good, especially the attitude is very positive, very hard, this may be moving mourinho. On the left side of the road position, lingard state is relatively mediocre, it certainly has a relationship with him just back from injury. It is worth noting that the first United, Mourinho in midfield with Ford for the rush is not before the main lingard, Marshall. This could be a new change. Rush Forde more rapid upward trend, the last round of the league, he bench lore Hull city last week, on behalf of the England U-21 stage, Rush Forde hat trick. Rush Forde had said: I want to use their own efforts to win the main position." In fact, from the second half, Ford and Ibrahimovic rush was able to coexist well. This is two completely different similar center, Ibrahimovic is omnipotent, he can back a bit, be an organization or job, characteristics and rush Ford the opportunity in front of the strong may play. In the future, Mourinho will probably try to double center tactics, when Marshall Ford, Ibrahimovic, rush several attackers may also start. Mourinho promised at the start of the season: "Rush Forde will get a lot of chances in the new season." At the moment, it may be an opportunity to change the starting lineup. Manchester United ‘s squad also has the potential to be more than just a line of attack. The new season, Manchester United defender combination is Bailey and Blinder. Bailey just 1 months after the complete conquest of the United fans, he played quite stable, card, speed and physical quality are very good, most of his unshakable position. Blinder is afraid to hit a question mark, although the previous 3 games performed well, but the Dutch play this game is quite low, the ball lost in the two have become sinners. After all, blinder is a balm, the guest is a central defender, encountered strong dialogue, weakness is hugely magnified is not surprising. Answer)相关的主题文章: