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family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand many times parents may speak a word, the baby will remember. Put the baby dove may be a lot of parents will do things, casually perfunctory, making up these lies are often used to trick the baby. Unconsciously, parents have set a bad example for BB. Have you ever also because want to coax children happy and casually said to take him to see the animal? Have you ever promised your child, but you didn’t? I believe that many parents have time to put the children of dove, some have to, some may be said to forget. But your child remembers you in a word! Parents often put the baby dove, it is easy to let the baby do not count ah! Segment review: love Taotao watching cartoons, sometimes a look is an afternoon, sitting on the sofa and enjoy all eyes. Mother worried about myopia. So now let him look at the two episode will not let go, but the child was noisy and noisy, shouting that the last episode, but while the mother did not pay attention to see a set, but also said that it is not finished. A couple of times also promised mom, watching the cartoon went back to the room to pick up toys, but it ran downstairs and the other kids playing ball, pack the room and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Children not to speak, often because of some wrong demonstration of the parents in their daily lives, often give children commitment is not achieved; or did not comply with the agreement that the parents holding at helpless attitude for children, will let the children feel abide by the agreement is not important. So parents do not casually flicker children. Casual when children are quarreling, parents in order to immediately block the child’s mouth, let him obediently, usually use the immediate "honey". Usually, if the baby is good to eat, will give you to eat candy, if the baby is not noisy, this Saturday to take you to the playground"…… The parents of the children casually said, but very seriously! They tend to keep your mouth shut because of your sweet promise, and wait quietly for the good times to come. They left for it very not easy to wait until that day, the parents seem to forget this thing, get an empty child. If the long-term use of these parents can not fulfill the promise to deceive him, and ultimately will only let the child have a sense of distrust, the child will feel like a perfunctory parents eat lettuce as random. Children will gradually learn the appearance of their parents, verbally perfunctory with the requirements of their parents, some of the promises that even if, do not intend to seriously implement. So parents in front of the children, should not be made to make a commitment to the child, once promised, it is necessary to try to cash, set an example to give children a good example of keeping their promises. In the end the parents will talk casually commitment right before the deadline, the children excited and actively remind dad had said to take him to the zoo painting相关的主题文章: