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Melanie · Klein: envied erosion of love and gratitude [Abstract] has a full grown personality is complex, we can borrow from the obtained from the baby psychological insight, and track their late into the development of life to understand. That is to say, the analysis proceeds from the adult stage to the infant stage, and then returns to adulthood through some intermediate stages. This paper from the "thanksgiving" and envied (UK), Melanie · Klein, Lv Xuzong Liu Huiqing, Beijing World Book Inc, July 2016 source network for many years, the two kind of attitude, envied and gratitude I have been on the known as the first source of interest. I got a conclusion: from the root gradually eroded love and sense of gratitude, the most powerful factor is envied, because it affects the relationship between the early in all relations, is the relationship with his mother. The fundamental importance of this relationship to the individual’s overall emotional life has been elaborated in a number of psychoanalytic works. And I think, with a further exploration in the early stage may interfere with specific factors greatly, I’m on infant development (infantile Development) and personality (personality formation) found that adding some important things. I think, envied is a failure of oral sadistic impulses (oral-sadistic) (anal- sadistic) and anal sadistic expression, from the beginning of life on the run, and it has a physical basis. These conclusions are the same as those of Carle · and the elements of the works of Abraham. Abraham envied is an oral characteristic, but according to his hypothesis, he decided that he envied and hostility began operation at a later period, which is in the second stage the views and oral sadism, I’m different. Abraham did not mention gratitude, but he described "generosity" (generosity) is an oral feature. He also believes in the envious, anal elements is an important component, and stressed that they are composed of oral sadistic impulses to derivatives. Abraham believes that there is a physical element in the strength of the impulse of the mouth. He is also associated with the etiology of bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness) and the strength of the oral impulses. The most important thing is that Abraham and my own works are more comprehensive and in-depth to bring out the significance of the destruction of the impulse. In his 1924 "Jane development theory" (Short History of which the Development of the Libido, Viewed in the Light of Mental Disorders) in an article, although "beyond the pleasure principle" (Beyond Pleasure Principle) has published four years ago, Abraham did not mention Freud about this)相关的主题文章: