Mercedes Benz AMG to control the speed of the star LSHM station

Mercedes Benz AMG to control the speed of the Star Station LSHM roar of the engine sound echoed in the ears, the race has just begun. In September 30th, 2016 Mercedes Benz -AMG to control the speed drive LSHM star glory run station! The absolute speed of past experience, handsome handsome cool Yan value in the Royal car suddenly, he felt a magnificent and the king of the wind, let the scene test are not feeling fully and delightfully!   engine roar, motivated dozens of test in Beijing sub sleeve sports car base, in the engine roar, stimulate your adrenaline atmosphere, king of the gas and speed from the feelings of the Mercedes Benz -AMG experience! Cool models, to experience the superior performance and driving pleasure in order to make the test drive experience more of the Mercedes Benz AMG series models, the process of driving the Mercedes Benz -AMG series models beast full debut. They are NGCC A 45 CLA 45 subjects: GLA 45; V8 C 63 Sedan C 63Coupe subject: GT S CLS 63 S 63 L; G 63 GLE 63 SUV subjects: GLS 63 GLE 63 Sport SUV, so many models, let test are a play enough, challenge themselves in shock following engine with the surging power down! The texture of a perfect cover and contain everything, excellent drive experience not limited to monotonic acceleration, the test drive, test drive under the leadership of professional coaches to experience linear acceleration, U, bending around the pile, cross shaft, hump and a series of subjects, let Mercedes Benz AMG series dynamic charm doubt! Handsome type, is yu! More performance philosophy drive, in the surging roar of the engine successfully run. Every one of the drivers’ surging baptism receive the Mercedes Benz AMG series of powerful power and handling of the perfect fusion, the international star, this is more like a grand party speed and ingenuity! Star shine service forward, LSHM star since its establishment has been the practice of Mercedes Benz development strategy of "customer first, customer centric, service oriented is LSHM star has been followed by industry standards. In recent years, it is clear that this direction of development, and the development of three " the best " development strategy. Namely: "the most value for money", " the best customer experience " and "the best technology and service quality". Pay attention to international star public number, the latest information, car knowledge, awesome activities regularly push. Find more exciting…… LSHM star with you! Mercedes Benz authorized dealer LSHM [star] address: Beijing City, Tongzhou District Majuqiao town King Shing Street No. 12 sales hotline: 010-5639 9001 010-5639 9268 24h rescue service hotline:: 18001173288 star Rui hotline: 01056399099相关的主题文章: