Mid Autumn Festival holiday Nanjing real estate developers over 1500 sets of new routines-exit safe mode

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Nanjing to sell over 1500 sets of some developers to engage in new routine before the Mid Autumn Festival intensive false start, resulting in only a real estate in the Mid Autumn Festival in the opening of the new Nanjing property market. Nevertheless, before the opening of the property during the holiday season has been uploading subscription data, so that the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday real data is still eye-catching. Modern Express reporter according to online real estate statistics found that during the small holiday property market in Nanjing more than 1500 sets of new premises subscription, the heat is still high. But behind the hot market, signs of cooling the market has come up with some developers in order to cover partly hidden and partly visible, the new "routine". Modern express ZAKER reporter Ma Lele this year in Nanjing during the Mid Autumn Festival is only one real estate opened. Jiangning Fangshan Luneng No. 7 hospital first opened a sell 234 suites, rely on the nature of the overlay villa housing type, the first price actually directly for 30 thousand yuan, than before the nearby prices jumped several thousand. The reason is that before the opening few, many projects have been ahead of time such as false start, Hong Yang, electrical rhythm and homes, the eastern outskirts of the town, Venice City, Le Rong Li and other real estate, the average price of 30 thousand yuan in the release of the most just need to supply considerable, finally let the turnover in September a wave of high tide. This wave of subscription data has been uploaded to the Mid Autumn Festival has been extended. In September 15th 16, the online real estate subscription amount reached 791 sets and 537 sets, basically before the opening upload data, the subscription amount during the whole holiday still belongs to more than 1500 units, compared with the same period of heat. But behind the booming market, there are some different voices. There are many people in the industry said that there is a real estate opening, developers require a lot of "Navy" to participate in the opening, the "Navy" is the most real estate agency staff, but also with the past "Navy" was just the scene filled the popularity of different developers for the "Navy" really participate in a lottery, if the "unfortunate" shake to raise the public to buy. "Because prices are too high, there are not so many people to buy a house, but in order to cope with the task of superiors, we must create a hot scene, so it will do so." The official said, because of the "Navy" is really a subscription, so I can not see, but if the late real estate or check out the emergence of a large number of hands, will be able to see it. In addition, there are some real estate bragging suspect. North of the city of a real estate opening at the launch of more than and 100 suites, announced the same day sold nearly 8. However, after a lapse of a week, the modern express reporter query online real estate found that only sell more than 3. Also in the north of the city, a real estate led 3 building sales promise, but the opening launched only 1 buildings, known as the opening day sold out. But after 10 days, the reporter found that the building still has about 18% of the houses available for sale. It is clear that the market has been cooling, some non strong plate of the real estate market experience is more obvious, although Hexi, Jiangbei heat is still. Some developers in order to maintain the market is still a sign of hot, but also think of ways to create a false impression. Buy a house should be based on their own needs to buy a house, vigilance prices inflated real estate.".相关的主题文章: