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Ministry of Agriculture: the national harvest 30% autumn and winter progress — Finance — September 30 Beijing Xinhua (Wang Zihou) reporter learned from the Ministry of agriculture, at present, the autumn harvest species in full swing. According to the Ministry of agriculture crop scheduling, as of today, the national grain harvest schedule has been completed 35.2%, up 6.5 percentage points faster, faster than the same period last year. The country will conscientiously implement the national winter work video conference, grab sunny harvest, early sowing, harvest accelerate progress to ensure timely sowing. Look at crops, rice (rice) has completed 40.9%, up 1.7 percentage points faster. Corn has been completed 35.5%, up nearly 10.8 percentage points, faster progress is mainly due to Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other provinces this year, corn maturity 3-5 days in advance. Soybean has been completed 30%, up nearly 6.4 percentage points. Sub region, the southwest region of nearly 70%, Huanghuaihai area, northwest area 40%, the Yangtze River region in 30%, northeast 10%, the progress was faster than the same period last year. Since the autumn, the greater part of the northern winter wheat region water sufficient, south of rapeseed producing better match warm light, wheat, rape seed overall smooth progress. As of September 30th, the country has about 15000000 acres of winter wheat, with the relatively fast; has sown winter rapeseed of about 9000000 acres, the progress of flat. According to the Central Meteorological Station forecast, the next 7 days in northern China, cold air, but the South mostly, southwest region alternates. The most suitable moisture, conducive to the smooth development of autumn. The Ministry of agriculture grain firm steady income goal without wavering, to strengthen the scheduling analysis, strengthen guidance services, and promote the smooth development of the autumn harvest. A good harvest is well. Pay close attention to weather changes, strengthening agricultural operation, give full play to the role of agricultural organization kuaqujishou, accelerate the harvest progress, drying time, to ensure that the particle positions. Two is to accelerate the progress of autumn sowing. To prepare an ample supply of agricultural agricultural, accelerate the progress of Tengcha, improve soil quality, scientific guidance throughout the sowing period, seize the favorable opportunity of rainfall, to ensure proper moisture while early sowing, crop planting, sowing a whole seedlings. Three is a reasonable arrangement of planting structure. Hebei groundwater funnel area appropriate Yajian wheat area. Southwest ecological severely degraded areas, the implementation of the tasks to the fallow fields in the autumn and winter before. Other regions to improve the quality of weak gluten wheat planting, meet market demand. Four is to strengthen technical guidance services. Experts and technicians issued early autumn and winter sowing technology program, reasonable arrangements for the distribution of variety, guidance around the scientific selection, focus on the promotion of deep plowing, yaojibanzhong after sowing repression key stable production technology, improve the quality of sowing, to ensure a full sowing seedlings. (Prince Xia Xiaolun Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: