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Ministry of housing: prefabricated construction is an important measure to reform the supply side – Politics – Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Yu Qiongyuan) in September 30, the Ministry of housing and urban chief engineer Chen Yiming 30 in the office of the state conference that the development of prefabricated building is an important way of Construction Reform is an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform and new urbanization development. According to reports, the assembly building refers to the product parts factory production, in the construction site through the assembly and connected to the main building, including prefabricated concrete building, steel structure building and modern wood structure. According to the development of prefabricated building is conducive to saving resources and energy, reduce pollution, improve the construction labor productivity and the level of quality and safety, to promote the construction industry and the industrialization of deep integration, foster new energy, new industries to promote overcapacity resolve. The general office of the State Council recently issued the "guidance" on the development of prefabricated construction, the three largest city of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River delta group is focusing on promoting the area, the resident population of more than 3 million of the other city to actively promote the rest of the city area, to encourage and promote regional, and strive to 10 years, the prefabricated construction accounted for the new building area ratio reached 30%. Clear eight key tasks: perfect standard system innovation, assembling building design, optimization of parts parts production, improve assembly construction level, promote the construction of the whole renovation, the promotion of green building materials, the implementation of EPC project, ensure project quality and safety. "Site construction personnel to master this skill." Chen Yiming said that in the actual work, to cultivate market demand to protect the market supply. (commissioning editor: Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章: