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MITSUBISHI lightning! The global car brand pattern reshuffle – Sohu automobile car [produced] no secret development of the automobile industry to now, between the various brands of grievances are natural and ultimately, almost comparable to the TV series "The Legend of Zhen Huan". A few examples, the earth people know that Lamborghini and Ferrari’s name, but who knows that it is both the original one family? Rolls-Royce and Bentley are the British brand, but are in fact two foreign companies; and Chinese people love the Jaguar Land Rover brand, its parent company is India’s Tata group. Today Renault Nissan and lightning acquisition of MITSUBISHI to become the world’s third largest auto group, car brand pattern reshuffle, today we come to the secret, the unknown relationship between those car brands. The Renault Nissan Alliance Nissan MITSUBISHI recently completed the acquisition of 34% stake in alliance, add new members of MITSUBISHI automobile industry in recent years has been going downhill, cut the car market last year, has shrunk more obvious, and in this year because MITSUBISHI fuel fraud door, Nissan is drilled loopholes, 34% of the shares were acquired, now has become a member of the Renault Nissan Alliance. Note that the MITSUBISHI car is a subsidiary of MITSUBISHI heavy industries, the current operating status of MITSUBISHI, Nissan acquisition is not a bad thing, if the future can be wholly acquired, some of the characteristics of MITSUBISHI products, such as four-wheel drive system is also expected to appear in the new car on nissan. The Volkswagen Group’s brand zhenbushao, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley chengmenmian Volkswagen (Volkswagen) is headquartered in Germany Wolfsburg automobile manufacturing company, the core enterprise is one of the four major automobile manufacturers of the Volkswagen Group’s world. Its brands include Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley. In addition, there are Audi, Skoda, stanyer, Seattle pl. The Volkswagen Group has a 99.55% stake in Audi, many people wonder why the remaining 0.45%, actually this little stock is Audi’s killer Quattro four-wheel drive system (not sell). Skoda is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, before and after 2000 was acquired, then all Skoda products are in the Volkswagen passenger car side, are basically the same platform shedding car. The TOYOTA group, TOYOTA recently issued a statement in the United States sub brand Scion (he) officially canceled the TOYOTA car, English name Toyota Motor Corporation, referred to as TOYOTA, was founded in 1933, headquartered in TOYOTA City, Aichi, Japan, TOYOTA founder kiichiro. TOYOTA automobile brands include we are familiar with the TOYOTA TOYOTA and Lexus Lexus. In addition, the Toyota Auto Body Co in August 1st this year will be its main push mini car Daihatsu reverted to a wholly owned subsidiary of TOYOTA, which makes capital to micro price models in the Asian market door. This market has been TOYOTA’s short board. TOYOTA recently issued a statement in the United States sub brand Scion (Chinese officially cancelled SAIN translation),.相关的主题文章: