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Posted By: Shwetha KN Bangalore, 23rd February, 2016: Smart Software Testing Solutions, leading provider of automated testing solutions for Agile enterprises, has raised pre – Series A funding to the tune of US$ 1 million, from Your Nest Angel Fund for acquiring Bangalore-based and supporting in its expansion plan. Part of fund goes to SAAS enablement of its flagship Test Automation product OpKey. Dr. Rajesh Sanghi, an angel who is a veteran technologist and a mentor for technology start-ups has also contributed to this fund. pCloudy is a cloud-based smart mobile testing platform that aims to disrupt the exponentially growing mobile app testing market, estimated to be US$ 60 million, by being only player providing on-demand access to Asia specific mobile device. Additionally, by providing an analytics driven platform for manual and automated testing of Apps on hundreds of real devices, pCloudy is addressing one of the biggest pain areas-device fragmentation- faced by mobile start-ups and big players alike. Combined with OpKey, the tool agnostic test automation platform by SSTS, pCloudy aims to simplify the current tedious and non-effective process of mobile app testing.

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mobile application testing New Opportunities & Challenges For Ios8 Developers Posted By: Vikas Jain 1. Need for cross-device support: With the Handoff and Continuity features in the iOS, it is now crucial for every new app to have a perfectly functional OS X version as well along with the regular iOS version. This now means that it will no longer be sufficient for mobile app companies to make apps for a single range of devices (for instance, iPhones or iPads). That which was only a mobile app can now be used on an iMac too. 2. Greater Significance of Cloud Services: Along with Apple who is doing its best to fix the numerous problems in the iCloud Drive, app developers have to begin making cloud services a part of their day-to-day tasks. The likely increase of the iCloud Drive storage, developers need to sync every application properly in the cloud so that it is storable and usable on the cloud network in order that the iOS app continues to remain promising. 3. Increased APIs: The 4000 odd new APIs appear as a huge boost for the developers and the possibility for differentiating and segregating apps in somewhat similar categories is considerable.

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automation testing Mobile App Testing Business Attracting Huge Returns Posted By: kiwiqa Testing mobile applications involve verification process using a specialized software application in order to determine usability, functionality and even consistency of such apps across compatible handsets. The process of testing mobile app is vehemently made into the foray and even engulfing a major section of business genre. A huge number of companies are offering such services in order to prove the effectiveness of advanced and latest mobile apps and diminish any chance of the non – functioning app entering into the market. The process of mobile app testing undertaken by a software testing company in India includes a considerable set of actions centering on mobile application troubleshooting, services, contents and even monitoring on real mobile handsets. Various applications either come pre-installed within any handset or may even be installed from the internet at a later period. However, not all applications might function effectively on all handsets, due to the varying nature of screen resolutions, differing operating systems and even a variety of hardware capabilities. Every operating system of mobile gadgets has their specified advantages and limitations. This calls for a major challenge for developers and even testers to build or even check any specific mobile application on various platforms.

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Mobile Device Testing Importance Of Mobile App Testing For Enterprises Posted By: Jennifer Lewis While reading an e-journal few days back, I came across something very interesting. It said that in a few years for now, we would witness pilot-less airplanes carrying passengers across the globe. We have already experienced how Drone fighter planes have been proving this point for past few years. However, pilot-less passenger airplane is just an imagination and research is underway in this regard. These examples give a clear indication that technology is advancing quickly and influencing every phase of our lives. There is a technology or say a revolution called mobiles, which started with AMPS concept, went on to GSM and now smart phones and apps have created a stir in the entire world. iOS, Android and Windows smart phone operating systems have changed the way, we used to operate our mobile phones few years back. Their advent has made us no longer rely on bulky desktops or even fragile laptops. Smart phones have better functionality than laptops and PCs and hence, they are termed as palm computers. It is estimated that more than 60 percent American population uses smart phones in their daily routine works and this importance in even higher in the business sector.

mobile apps development India Cigniti Mobile Application Testing Posted By: Leonard Barrett Mobile applications have moved to higher positions on the priority lists of enterprises and institutions. This mobility reaches out to the devices in the hands of the users and provides the most strategic point of interface. To leverage the power of mobility, enterprises and technology leaders are driving their efforts to roll out applications that are easy for the users to access, use and adopt. The significance of mobile application testing lies in the sheer variety of devices and the accompanying versions, configurations and platforms. Enterprises have begun to realize that applications take their brand, products and transactions right into the hands of a globally scattered population of people from all walks of life. The increasing adoption of mobile applications has led to the launch of OS specific app stores which incorporate the independently developed apps after stringent assessments. In the wake of increasing sales of mobile devices, Testing a mobile app/device is one of the most challenging areas in the IT driven economy. It is also exciting because Mobile app testing is bound to attract innovations that will redefine the IT ecosystem.

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mobile apps strategy Why Is Automation Testing Of Mobile Applications Necessary? Posted By: Yancy Marry The process of automation helps in saving time that is lost in manually running similar tests as many number of times as a new application is made ready to be released in the mobile market. Automation is also gradually being accepted as an inherent component of the mobile app development industry because the process helps in improving the stability of apps by decreasing the damage caused by of regression bugs. While the concept of automation has been in existence in the mobile industry for several years now, automation testing of mobile apps is a recent phenomenon. Let us take a look at the various purposes served by the process of automated testing which makes it so popular among mobile application developers. Why do Developers Require Mobile App Automation Testing? 1. The automation testing tools enable app designers to edit, capture, and replay tests on the user interfaces of mobile devices. The automation tests cover all functionalities of a mobile app and thus assure that the app will perform at its best after being released in the market. 2. Automation testing tools allow integrated script editing when a recorded scenario is being played on the mobile app.

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mobile website testing What Is Beta Testing? Posted By: Rock Den Beta testing is another software testing phase; beta testing is conducted specifically for external testing. This software testing phase highlights the performance issues and bugs before the release of the software. For beta testing, two methods are used open and close. In close beta testing the number of user is taking part in the test is managed. In open testing anyone who is interested in testing can participate. Beta testing is important for software development, because it is indispensable for developers to develop software keeping in mind all possibilities that can become the cause of software glitch. Without beta testing software can never be ready for its launch. Beta testing is crucial from developing perspective of software. Sources for Beta testing: Sources for beta testing needs to be generated, these are the beta testers who can determine the bug and errors before the release of software. To conduct beta testing, availability of testers is very important. For beta testing, testers are the common user. It is very artful to convince people to use buggy software. User can prove best testers as they know the functions of specific features of particular software.

mobile app testing What Are The Challenges In Mobile Application Testing Posted By: lauriel Mobile Application Testing is something that no one really wants to do, as it is expensive, time consuming. However, the situation calls its necessity as it is needed to ensure that your consumers have a positive experience when they use your mobile applications. The positive experience is something of most importance, as it will decide whether your app is successful or not. If you as developer fail to do proper testing, then customers have to do it that will be a difficult thing, as customers do not have proper tools or time to check app and report back problems or bugs. Remember that customers do not like to be treated like guinea pigs. When they find out a fault even a small one, they will not report it but go away somewhere else and never come back thinking of you as a lousy business or company. While doing mobile application testing, remember that your goal is not to errors as your developers might have done a great job. Your actual goal in testing should be to understand the quality of your offering.

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mobile app testing Pre Mobile Application Testing To Secure Your Investment Posted By: Rock Den In past mobile app users were always considered as beta testers for any launched app but now analysts strictly halts software developers to rely on beta testers for successful implementation of their apps. Software developers should implement mobile application testing before launch of any app Analysts say. There are no doubt end users for mobile applications can be the good testers for any app when they report any bug they faced, but it can also let them think app is not bug free and cannot be useful for them. It will stop them using the app and next time they will think twice to buy an app from your side. If you are offering a free app for download, and there are some bugs in app as well, end users already using it will leave a feedback with bug which will surely stop the other ones to download it. On the other hand if you are offering a paid app, it is the right of a consumer to demand you a bug free app and I am sure being a seller of your app, you will never prefer to lose a valuable customer.

mobile app testing Find The Best Apps Testing Company For Your Iphone And Android Apps Posted By: Dinesh Almost all online enterprises have already started capitalizing from the mobile-web advantage. Businesses have realized that the users are not satisfied with the mobile compatibility alone, and prefers native apps of the websites which can be installed in their smartphones which makes them feel empowered with access over the sites in their iPhone/Android, anywhere, at anytime, even while on-the-go. Due to this increasing demand, businesses rush to develop and deploy mobile applications rapidly. But, any mobile application which does not undergo quality check is sure to throw bugs, while in the hands of the users, thus resulting in a failure app. Nowadays, users are unforgiving and immediately go viral about the glitches of the app, which brings defame to the business on the whole. Hence, ensure to test your iPhone app/ Android app from dedicated testing professionals. The rise in mobile app development affirms the necessity of mobile application testing services. There are numerous dedicated testing services which proclaims to posses a team of testing expertise, experienced in testing mobile applications on various platforms under various conditions.

mobile application testing services Mobile App Testing Company Posted By: harry As the area of application technological innovation develops, new areas are researched. One of those areas is the cellular app examining website. It is a hot area, and a lot of money has been spent in this particular website for tasks relevant to cellular phone programs. These subjects involve iPhone, BlackBerry, Operating system and Symbian programs. The Mobile app website has been broadening for quite some time now. Ever since the cellular foundation got some balance, people have been eager to use specialist, including daily programs to business/highly challenging programs. We see more and more tasks being made just for the cellular phone programs website, as the client demands continue to increase.Naturally, when a business concern wants to choose a mobile app testing company there are many things to consider; for one, is the company repute good enough? or have they employed qualified software test engineers to complete the projects? It is a very common concern that the examining companies do not employ enough certified application evaluators for their work, which results in issues/delays, which is frustrating and a business loss to the other party.

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