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Reference-and-Education When parents send their children aged just 2-3 years to school it is only because they want them to get adjusted with a new environment outside home and learn how to interact with their peer group. This resulted in the concept of ‘Montessori’. This is a unique teaching method first introduced in India by Dr Maria Montessori in the year 1939. Till then the concept of playschool was not familiar. Parents used to look for a decent or renowned school from the locality. With introduction of Montessori Play School, the idea of kids education is modified. The problem is that there are many schools which have misunderstood this noble concept and apply it inappropriately. Thus you will find a number of up-market play-schools which flaunt expensive playthings and have young teachers who dont properly understand how to handle kids of tender age. While they use Montessori teaching materials but most fail to implement the Montessori system in the true sense. The first six years of the life of a child are most important when unconscious learning gradually emerges to the conscious level. The ideal Montessori Play School aims to address these years and turn them into productive ones. Such a school views every child as a unique being who has distinct needs and capabilities of his own. Each kid possesses an unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability which enables him/her to absorb and learn from the environment and surroundings. This is why the school activities should be designed such that it can promote development of the child’s social skills, emotional growth as well as body & mind coordination. There is one specific Montessori Play School in Chennai which operates with a noble vision. Course curricula are offered in a unique way which helps children to reach their full potential in all areas of life e.g., language is taught in a rather unconventional manner whereby sounds of the vowels are introduced first followed by the consonants. Numbers are introduced with the decimal system. By the time the kid finishes his/her third year Montessori, the child is introduced to all the four Mathematical operations. This helps in laying a solid foundation for the child. The school has excellent infrastructure with specially trained teachers who are Montessori Certified. The school is very particular about maintaining student, teacher ratio which is usually around 12:1. This ensures that each student is attended with special care. Teachers act as proper guardians who are always there to guide and help but never impose their own will, thus allowing the child to enjoy the process of learning. The result is a healthy child and teacher relationship which is formed based on trust and respect for each other. When it comes to selecting the playschool for your kid, you shouldnt take the process lightly. You need to keep in mind that the interest towards learning if generated at this early stage will sustain throughout life. A detailed online search can help in locating the right school, based on your specific criteria. If you like the information offered in the school website then a personal visit is always recommended. This way you will have accurate idea about the school facilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: