More than 1 thousand and 500 Korean civic groups for park Geun hye – Sohu News Office held a candlel

More than 1 thousand and 500 Korean civic groups for park Geun hye – Sohu news November 12th Office held a candlelight vigil, South Korea more than 1500 civic groups held a candlelight vigil in Seoul, asked to step down the park. The visual map of Chinese central broadcasting network reported on November 12th, according to the China voice of "peak Evening News" reported that at the moment this weekend, people in the South Korean opposition parties and some other opposition to President Park Geun hye, will be a long day. Just about an hour ago, Beijing time today (12 days) to 5 pm, composed of more than 1 thousand and 500 South Korean civic groups required to step down and Park Parade again held a candlelight vigil. At present, the demonstrators to take the air surrounded the presidential palace Chong Wa Dae in the form of the rally is expected to continue until tomorrow. In this regard, pay close attention to the Chong Wa Dae, but some analysts believe that this meeting will become an important watershed in current political situation of South Korea, a rally or will determine the size and influence of "trusted intervention events" into the situation. According to Chinese Radio International in South Korea Seoul reporter Yang Ning, South Korean labor, feminist circles, academics, teenagers and college students at 2 in the afternoon at the University Road, bell Road, South Gate, Seoul station, Seoul square, held a rally in advance. At 4 in the afternoon to gather in Seoul square, at a large scale demonstrations in the afternoon of 5, the parade to surround the presidential palace in the form of Chong Wa Dae. Protesters from the Seoul square, the way of the bell, west gate and other places. After the protest, 7 pm at Gwanghwamun area will hold the tent sit, citizens freedom of speech and other activities, activities will continue until the next day to the park. It is reported that South Korea’s three leading opposition party and its members will be a large number of representatives to participate in today’s rally. The core of the Democratic Party leaders all together decided to participate in the national assembly, the party had decided to participate in the. From the very beginning, the Justice Party joined the civic groups in the candlelight rally. Opposition camp next presidential election will also be a large number of powerful candidates. Analysts believe that the opposition to the rally today, one is in accordance with the opposition party demanded a full park take a back seat, on the other hand the rally today if not achieved the expected results, the opposition party may change its position, and the Ruling Party Congress will recommend the issue of the new prime minister to start negotiations. The results of the survey polling agency, "Gallup Korea" 11 announcement, the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate for two consecutive weeks of 5%, that is to say, only 5% of respondents gave a positive assessment of Park policy, instead give negative evaluation of the proportion of 90%, compared with the previous week increased by one percentage point, then a new low. It is noteworthy that the 20 year old -30 years of age respondents, park Geun hye’s support rate of 0%. In addition, the ruling New National Party’s support rate fell to 17%, which is not only the lowest position since President Park Geun hye, since the new national party predecessor, the Grand National Party established a record low. Like the two previous protests, Seoul’s protest organizers threatened, as long as the park Geun hye a day to step down, they each night held protests in downtown Seoul. They call it a rally today.相关的主题文章: