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Most of the lighting industry patent undefended real estate — Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Li Fengxiang He Xueyan) the morning of August 31st, the Gongbei customs and Zhuhai City, Zhongshan City, on strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights cooperation signing ceremony, Zhongshan customs and Zhongshan (lighting) intellectual property rights center quickly signed a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen the Customs Protection of intellectual property rights. It is reported that this cooperation will strengthen bilateral communication and cooperation, the establishment of liaison system, briefings and other contact with the mechanism for lighting enterprises to "go out" escort. In nearly 6 years involving infringement of lighting brand value of 2 million 790 thousand yuan according to Zhongshan customs, 2011 to the first half of 2016, Zhongshan received a total of 85860 patents, the average annual growth rate of 21.98%, the highest gold content of the invention patent granted in 3417, the annual average growth rate of 29.29%. According to the General Administration of Customs Customs Protection of intellectual property rights record system, Zhongshan has more than 110 enterprises in the recordation of intellectual property rights 274, the trademark filing 216, 55 patents, copyright 3. However, the import and export sectors in the lighting industry, Zhongshan city patent rights, the majority of trademark rights is almost in a state of no protection, the overall situation is worrying. As of June 6, 2016, the city’s only 9 home lighting enterprises filing of intellectual property rights in the General Administration of customs, including trademark filing 5, filed 11 patent filing trademark; 3, filed 9 patent; copyright registration record 2, copyright 2. Since October 2010 in the fight against IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, Zhongshan Customs seized a total of 103 cases, involving goods of nearly 1 million 300 thousand, involving the value of more than 3500 yuan. Which relates to a lighting brand infringement cases 16, involving 231240 pieces of goods, the value of RMB 279 yuan. Zhongshan Customs seized infringement cases, from the point of view, most of the "OEM" enterprise enterprise infringement, in order to customer requirements using the intellectual property did not review orders blindly, do not know the provisions of intellectual property protection of geographical principles of law, leading to the occurrence of infringement. "We attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, the establishment of a dedicated team of lawyers. In China have experienced patent infringement, also does not have in the foreign trade, but it is necessary to nip in the bud." Chen Qiubin, director of Zhongshan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. lighting division, said the company in recent years, actively expand the international market, is expected this year, exports will account for of the overall sales of more than $60%. The proposed active record of intellectual property is the most effective and convenient way for the above, Zhongshan customs, lighting enterprises should pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, should be fully aware of the Customs Protection of intellectual property rights, "in the import and export sectors, to record their legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights is the most effective and convenient means of independent intellectual property rights of enterprises maintenance". Currently, the Customs seized more than 90% of the infringement cases are seized by the authority. Enterprises to take the initiative to the Customs for intellectual property rights, both to facilitate the initiative to start the customs protection procedures, but also facilitate the timely implementation of enterprises相关的主题文章: