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My mother never child birth, full-term Niangliang almost all die soon – Sohu Wuhan 28 year old mother mother Liu four years ago a daughter, at the beginning of this year, pregnant with a second child, now 33 weeks, but in the 8 months, she has never been to the hospital, a check is not done. The day before yesterday, she suddenly felt a severe pain in the stomach, which was sent to the hospital. To the hospital a check found that her mouth has been opened 10 cm, the baby is still horizontal, poor treatment of mother and child are life-threatening. After the doctor’s emergency rescue, she gave birth to a 4 kg baby boy by vaginal traction. Doctors believe that this time she may cross your baby and head viviparous abdominal wall relaxation relationship. Some pregnant mothers because they are afraid of trouble or because they had children think they have experience, so do not check, but do not know it is very dangerous to do so. A check, the purpose and significance of the purpose of regular prenatal detection of maternal and fetal health and development in each period, to see whether it meets the standard, so as to find problems in time to solve as soon as possible. Detection of these can be prepared for delivery, before the birth of a full understanding of the pregnant women and pregnant women’s physical condition, you can give a production plan for the selection of production methods to provide a reference. Two, check to pay attention to these things as soon as possible on the cards 1 cards hospitals generally have a deadline, normal circumstances a check result you can pass cards, pregnant mothers should first build, every time I go to check that later will be more convenient, if the time limit not to run over formalities in addition, late pregnancy problems may not have what good beds. 2 choose the best fixed doctor from the first check, every time the best choice with a doctor, a better understanding of this doctor for pregnant women and fetal situation, according to personal circumstances give some good advice, even if it is also easier to deal with unexpected situations. 3 in strict accordance with the time to check the whole pregnancy to do 10 times the production inspection, according to the provisions of the time to go, do not be too casual, when you have time to go. Because each period of the fetus and pregnant women’s body and development have an indicator, the production schedule is a scientific basis for doctors to grasp the fetus and pregnant women, and found the problem as soon as possible to solve. Pictures from the network to provide quality medical doctors Dudu online health services for the incubation period of family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple. Welcome to add group 490752568, and more treasure mom exchange相关的主题文章: