Nan Huaijin where did you go in the past-申威1600

Nan Huaijin: your life at last are where people know their fate through the former life (map) text: Nan Huaijin some past deeds, evil light, born with fate, know what is life. I have a friend in the past, is a famous veteran, is Buddhist, when I was not thirty years old, he has five, sixty years old. He looks very good, ruddy, grey-haired, white hair and white beard. After the war, I am ready to return to Nanjing, he knew I was going to leave Sichuan, specially came all the way to accompany me for a day, he said that a farewell do not know when will meet again, I blame he said this worthless words. The old man wrote very well, he said his past life is Ou Yangxiu, so this life to write outI, font also like Ou Yangxiu; but he is someone in the Qing Dynasty; the former is the worst retribution, a dog, because the former made a great evil, so the former became a dog. The dog at eight years, incredibly annoying, refused to eat shit, his death. I scolded him how to say that I can’t see, can’t come again! I was young very arrogant, arrogant more than you, that is really not the same as with Taibao, you are arrogant, now young people’s arrogant, even I do not look to see. Those old people, good knowledge, high status, see me, touch my head, call me a child, I am not happy, I said: "what child? I held you when you were two or three years old! When I was seven or eighty years old, why did you call me a child?" At that time, I was so tired, I was made by the old one Leng Leng leng. Who is in rotary generation after generation. Some people born with fate, know your own past life or other people’s life. Fate is from anyone here, don’t think that meditation is, you said that I sat for three years, were not the fate? You are giddy and scattered, don’t call anyone, although two legs very well plate, the heart has been thought. That is the mood like the fine day, neither drowsy nor scattered, no delusion, so certain, body has forgotten. Do you think it’s OK to sit there? It’s called a set of legs to sleep. Also, meditation does not sit, is the East West Qimai unreasonable, torsion pendulum, completely follow the body, then the sick, do you think it is through the air? That is disease, what disease? Neuropathy, not a mental illness, is not hardened, aging nerve, nerve gas, go here, go up painful, there is sad to read medicine "! Don’t think it’s Kung fu. Fate is from real and fixed, but some people do not have the fate of this revision, is reported, it is good karma to many lives because chanted, or to read or pharmacist Buddha, Amitabha, or Shakya Muni Buddha, this life is good now, born with destiny pass. So reported not to change. To the fate of people know that life is the cat and the dog, cockroaches, loach, cockroaches, ants, if loach…… First of all, you have to become a cat, dog and other animals of a higher level, and then can be converted into adults, it is not easy. He knew the sufferings of the lower realms, so not the pursuit of worldly desires, this kind of "Le Yule" is not a religious success, but the fear of. There are many people in this life at leisure light.相关的主题文章: