Nanchong drunken female taxi driver was sent home after the car was also enthusiastic thanks to the tencent upd

Nanchong taxi driver was drunk the night female indecent home also enthusiastic thanks to a family started 3 days late at night while the taxi driver, a female passenger drunken machine, not only out of hand on the obscene, stole the gold jewelry, mobile phone and 450 yuan in cash. (1) day, reporters from the people’s Procuratorate Shunqing district was informed that the police of the driver according to detention after the day before the case has been transferred to the hospital examination. The young woman night drunk driver extends groping dragon in October 5, 2016, Changle joined a taxi company in Nanchong City, pick up the car at 6 pm every day, the morning of the second day and the 6 car. The evening of October 8th, close to 11, the Dragon drive through the bus station outside Changle Shunqing district one supermarket, saw two young men and women standing on the roadside taxi, he stopped, the man put the drunk girl into the back seat of the car and the car. Long Changle took the woman to the destination, the woman in the bag for money to pay the fare, but because of drunk, did not find a good money. Long Changle thought she had no money, he handed her his mobile phone, and he let her in on WeChat as a friend, to pay the fare with alipay. Unexpectedly, Long Changle watch the women’s mobile phone operation in turn, found the woman looks good, he could not help heart dunqi, they want to take advantage of her, she left the driver to sit beside the woman. The woman in the two-dimensional code scanning with friends, hand shaking, unable to complete, Longchang music took the opportunity to put an arm around her waist, his right hand holding a mobile phone, let the other side scan, but the woman still failed to scan the success. Changle took the opportunity to implement obscene, time up to 10 minutes. At this moment, a woman and a spit to the dragon, Changle had to stop the despicable behavior, but took the opportunity to steal women’s bag of gold necklace and gold earrings, secretly put into his left trouser bag, and put her a mobile phone stolen from the bag, put on the car. Recommended reading: a Leshan youth cast impulse detention Leshan 40 year old aunt molested sister help 19 year old guy bandaged fingers but it was the other according to the obscene man police said was homosexual indecent sleepy in the wrong position massage technician said Bazhong man suspected of molesting little girl was summoned in the accidental death of Luzhou sent five years for alleged misconduct trailing male girl child molestation arrested after greedy and dissatisfied girl out again after stealing money, the woman asked to get off, Long Changle had to let her go. However, looking at the women’s East West down alone away figure, "Joe" dragon Changle still don’t want to miss her, so think of to let the other party to pay the fare and wash the car to find the money in the name of her "good". Changle dragon immediately jumped out and trotted caught up with the woman, and said to her: "you spit so many dirty things how do in my car? Do I still want to earn money? Say you haven’t given the fare." The woman says, she lived nearby, so he went to her house with her money. So he followed the woman Longchang Le, came to a house near a building. The woman at the station did not look confused and disoriented.相关的主题文章: