Nanjing, a baby long term sleeping bag found suspicious drug (video) roselip

Nanjing baby nanny package found in long-term sleepiness and found the suspected drug bottle nanny box. Nanjing citizen Ms. Xue had two month old boy, the baby had every time after drinking milk are all about it, but she said, the nanny alone with a few hours later, the child becomes not cry, to drink the milk just went to sleep. This abnormal phenomenon, so Ms. Xue suspect nanny move. Since then, Ms. Xue found a bottle on the nanny in the trunk. What’s going on here? Reporters yesterday visited. Public: Nanny box found "suspicious" bottles in August 18th of this year, Ms. Xue gave birth to a second child, because the child’s father busy, Ms. Xue in the price of 5000 yuan per month hired a nanny to take care of the baby all day long, for living. But in recent days, Ms. Xue found abnormal sleep baby. Usually, the baby two or three hours to drink milk. Now the children drink milk to sleep, crying very few times, the state of peace is completely different. "Nanny to night, children sleep until seven in the morning, feeding more than five minutes, and then sleep to six o’clock in the evening, the family are wondering how the baby does not wake up, but not feeding, the longest time to sleep for 34 hours." Ms. Xue said. Ms. Xue said, because before seen media reports "nanny lazy, giving their children", she suddenly tense. Ms. Xue found in process and verify the nanny, a small bottle of "suspicious" nanny carry on luggage, there are a number of drugs in the treatment of common cold. "Aunt said, how could we medicine, when her face turned out the package, medicine, a Valium, have a hypnotic effect." Ms. Xue said. The reporters found that the bottle labeled as Estazolam Tablets bottle, indications for anti anxiety, insomnia, but the bottle in front, "medicine Estazolam Tablets" has been rewritten so far with the stroke off, pain killer. The second day early in the morning, Ms. Xue deliberately left his son’s urine and feces, get the hospital laboratory. At the same time, Ms. Xue also chose the alarm. "We went to the children’s Hospital, the doctor said there is no identification of blood there is no sleeping pills, then the police came and recorded a statement, saying they have no way to detect, their results to treatment." Ms. Xue said. Nanny: the bottle is taken by himself at the end of October 24th, at noon, accompanied by reporters, Ms. Xue family found a Roca service center. In the face of an interview with reporters, nanny Aunt Wang admitted to carry a lot of tablets, but these drugs are mainly for the treatment of gallstones, but also for their own. "That is a pain, I have a stone, I was in the East China Sea hospital in Lianyungang made two B ultrasound, the doctor said you buy pills, if you can eat a pain." Wang aunt said, these drugs are in their home in Lianyungang opened the hospital, but why drug treatment of gallstones in medicine will treat anxiety and insomnia, she says, is to find the doctor prescribe medicine. "At that time, the name of the medicine was dropped, and the bottle was used. I didn’t see any medicine in the bottle." Nanny Aunt Wang said. Home Economics Center: nanny with the company needs to file with the company, according to wo Roca head Liu Tan相关的主题文章: