Nanjing labor dispatch an average monthly salary of 2726 yuan short-lived contract accounted for

Nanjing city labor dispatch of the average monthly salary of 2726 yuan contract accounted for 30% of short-lived Yangzi Evening News Network September 23rd news (reporter Intern Li Yiwei Dong Wanyu) the city’s labor dispatch a total number of 200 thousand and 162 people, the average monthly salary of 2726 yuan. Yesterday, Nanjing and Social Council Labor Relations Department issued a verification report from big data from March to July this year for the labor dispatching work. Data show that Nanjing city has "labor dispatch business license" 621 units, inspection pass rate of 85.2%, 14.8% of the labor dispatch unit will be washed out. According to the report of Nanjing city labor dispatch of human resources outsourcing industry association filed shows that at present the city’s labor dispatch personnel a total of 200162 people, including 26836 temporary jobs, alternative positions 21399, supporting 151927 jobs. Labor dispatch workers mainly in state-owned enterprises 964, domestic funded enterprises, foreign enterprises, 313; organs and institutions of the family of 1373 households in the country, with a total of 2533. The number of companies using labor dispatch workers accounted for 5% of the total number of labor contracts. Labor dispatch workers signed a labor contract 98%, their average monthly salary of $2726, an increase of 188 yuan over the previous year survey. Although the rise of 7.41%, but the phenomenon of different workers still exist. The dispatched workers engaged in more "electronic components manufacturing jobs as an example, Nanjing city issued 2015 annual salary of the price of the median is 35680 yuan, the average monthly salary of 2973 yuan, the average monthly wage of labor dispatch workers with a difference of 247 yuan. "We will add Datong unequal pay policy publicity supervision, encourage and support the labor dispatch unit in business and labor units, labor dispatch labor rights according to the law of equal pay for equal work." Municipal Bureau of labor and social relations, labor dispatch workers, although the contract rate is higher, but short-lived contract phenomenon more. According to statistics, 30% labor dispatch workers failed to sign a two-year contract with the enterprise.相关的主题文章: