National Planning Commission, the first comprehensive assessment of two children born this year will minmi

National Planning Commission, the first comprehensive assessment of two children: born this year will exceed 17 million 500 thousand – Sohu news November 26th, the China population and Development Research Center held by the population and development information will be held in Beijing. The State Planning Commission deputy director Wang Peian said at the meeting, according to family planning, hospital delivery statistics and provincial population and birth pregnancy data comprehensive analysis, 2016 born population will exceed 17 million 500 thousand, roughly equivalent to the size of the population was born after 2000, is consistent with the overall two child policy introduced the anticipation. Wang Peian said that since 2010, China’s total fertility rate fluctuations between 1.54-1.64. Fully implement the two child policy for nearly a year, the cumulative growth potential release is expected to still need time, "13th Five-Year" during the total fertility rate will fluctuate in 1.8. This is the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy, the State Planning Commission for the first time to assess the effectiveness of policy implementation. In October 29, 2015 the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the birth of the two child policy generally allow the introduction, in January 1, 2016, "and revised" law of population and family planning comprehensive implementation, two child policy officially landed. And separate two child policy, the National Health Planning Commission issued a number of different applications, the full implementation of the two child policy has been nearly a year, the National Health Planning Commission has not announced the results of the relevant policy data. Previously, the State Planning Commission, the relevant departments of the leadership told the surging news, two separate child policy after birth still requires approval, only through the examination and approval can be pregnant, so the number of statistics of two children of the application is more convenient; but the comprehensive implementation of two children after the birth of two children no longer need approval, and take the registration system, do not have mandatory registration can be early, can also be late ", so it is difficult to grasp the number of health planning two child accurately. In recent months, the local health departments will be reported to the State Planning Commission, the relevant data, but these data are not comprehensive, not enough to reflect the real situation of the two child, the State Planning Commission has not announced. According to the National Bureau of statistics, the fertility rate of the fifth census in 2010 was 1.18. Zhai Zhenwu, Dean of the Renmin University of China College of population, he told the surging news, according to the 2015 1% population sample survey of the household population back to 2010 that year, the growth rate is about 1.6, but this is far less than about 2.2 generation replacement level. The recent publication of the "China statistical yearbook 2016" published in 2015 1% national census results show Chinese 2015 women of childbearing age in the total fertility rate of only 1.047, a figure which makes many scholars said "lower population than expected".相关的主题文章: