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Computers-and-Technology It’s pretty obvious that people love those compact wonders of technology that we call gadgets. The novelty factor alone of a device the size of a wrist watch that can store and play hundreds of songs is sure to make it a winner. Combining a variety of devices into one gadget is sure to catch attention too. Portable video devices with all of their varying features like Internet browsing capability and built in digital video recorders are proof of this. The thing that really makes a gadget impressive though is when it combines a variety of different features to create a device that’s truly useful to its owner. The new S-XGen Ultra Mobile Personal Computer and Communications Device from Seamless Wi-Fi is just such a device. The S-XGen is the latest in a long string of efforts to produce computers that are ultra compact but still extremely useful. This device which weighs only fourteen ounces has many of the capabilities of a full sized laptop computer built into a package that’s only about six inches long. This small unit unfolds to reveal a four and one quarter inch color LCD screen with a resolution of 470 x 280 pixels and a keyboard that’s almost full sized. Combine a usable keyboard with a battery life of eight hours and a pre-installed Microsoft Mobile Office suite, and you have some serious productivity in an ultra small package. In other words, the S-XGen makes it possible to get a full day’s work done on a portable device without having to take a break to seek out an AC power source or change batteries. While the productivity that’s built into the S-XGen device is admirable, with a name like Seamless Wi-Fi it would be surprising if connectivity wasn’t at least as much of an emphasis as productivity. With a wide range of connection options that include Blue Tooth and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, an Ethernet port as well, and a USB port as well as the fact that the S-XGen is also a mobile phone, it surely doesn’t disappoint in those departments either. The S-XGen Ultra Mobile Personal Computer and Communications Device also has an impressive collection of technical specifications built into it as well. For example it uses an Intel PXA 270 Xscale processor that runs at 520 Megahertz, which is extremely slow for a laptop, but more than ample for a device this small running the Microsoft Windows Pocket PC operating system. The slow processor speed is also compensated for with Seamless Wi-Fi’s last minute decision to include 256 megabytes of RAM. The S-XGen also has a twenty gigabyte hard drive built in which is more than adequate for the applications that this device will be used for. Beside being designed for productivity and connectivity, the S-XGen is also designed for recreation. It has gaming controls built in and the software and networking features are more than adequate for surfing the Internet and accessing email. While at over one thousand dollars, the price for this device is still rather steep, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be out of the reach of a lot of professionals on the go who don’t want to sacrifice productivity in favor of mobility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: