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The new wearable sensor: read your "sweat" in secret — home — original title: the new wearable sensor: read your "sweat" in secret not long ago, American engineers developed the world’s first fully integrated electronic system, the system can continue to monitor a variety of biochemical and harmless in sweat. In. The new technology opens the door to wearable devices, when users appear similar to fatigue, dehydration, high body temperature and other health problems, it will immediately alert. The new wearable sensors can reveal what from sweat? Are engineers at the University of California in the. To be precise, the sensitive sensing system can measure the metabolites and electrolytes in sweat, and synchronize the data in real time to the smartphone. Although in the past ten years, there are a lot of health monitoring system has appeared in consumer electronic devices, but the researchers said that this "natural" appeared in the Journal of new equipment, is the world’s first fully integrated electronic system. Professor Ali from the Department of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California (Ali Javey) Jiewei? Is the principal investigator of the project, he said: "the human sweat contains abundant physiological information, such as" harmless wearable sensor "provides a particularly attractive test products. However, the sweating process is complex and needs to be extracted from a variety of aspects related to the skin of the effective information. So we developed a full electronic integration system, it can at the same time, selectively measuring various sweat analytes, and can analyze data wirelessly to a mobile phone. We work as "sweat based health monitoring" opened a new technology platform." In order to design and develop the "sweat sensing system", and his team Jiewei consulted the exercise physiologists, integrative biology professor at the University of California George Bullock (George Brooks)?. Bullock said that he was the sensor designed by the research team Jiewei deeply attracted. As a co-author of the study, he felt the sweat produced a wear sensor is very unbelievable, because this new equipment measure metabolites and electrolyte, is very important for personal health. In the science and technology without injury, one day we need not have a shot, you can know how their physical condition." He says so. Samples from the research team can be seen in a flexible circuit board with five sensors. These sensors measure glucose and lactate, sodium and potassium in the electrolyte, and skin temperature. The integrated system allows the researchers to measure and calibrate the temperature of the sensor in real time by measuring the skin temperature, because the reaction of glucose and lactate sensors is very affected by temperature. Adjacent to the sensor, the wireless transmission circuit board is made of ready-made silica gel. The researchers used more than 10 integrated circuit chips, responsible for sensor measurement, signal enhancement, body temperature changes and wireless data transmission. In addition, they also produced a special app (mobile phone soft)相关的主题文章: