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"Nine cards in one" can bring to entrepreneurs? – Science and technology – People’s original title: Nine Card one can give entrepreneurs what? Do not have to run the industrial and commercial tax run, run the quality supervision run customs. In September 1st, with the "Nine Card" registration system of comprehensive reform in Guangdong Jiangmen, entrepreneurs will be through a window handle, submit a copy of the application materials, 3 working days can get the original 1 and a half months to run. "Road to Jane, something to reduce first card, the real business, let the people good things, not less legwork, clogging." Jiangmen mayor Deng Weigen said. What barriers are being removed? Voice of the enterprise: 45 working days too long, from the card to cross the 110 meter hurdles into a hundred meters sprint from the submission of information to get a license to spend only 3 days." BASF coatings (Guangdong) Limited company general manager Liu Qiwei said, "before the registration of a company, all the papers do take one or two months is common; compared with other regions, Jiangmen faster than expected." As the world’s top 500 enterprises, BASF settled in Jiangmen is settled in the government environment. August 15th, Deng Weigen to BASF paint (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. issued the first "nine cards in one" business license. In September 1st, after half a month, the nine card one registration system reform in Jiangmen, the city of the three districts fully open. In October 1, 2015, China began to implement the "three certificates"; a month earlier, Jiangmen took the lead in the introduction of industry and commerce, quality supervision, tax, social security, public security "five one" registration system reform. In October 1st this year, China will implement the "five one" reform pilot in Jiangmen; again, "five one" based on the increase of the customs, inspection and quarantine, four departments and business statistics, first launched the "Nine Card" reform. "Jiangmen 70% enterprises involved in foreign trade, so the reform in the" five cards one "based on the increase of the customs, inspection and quarantine and other functions." Jiangmen high tech Zone comprehensive service hall Wu Jiabin told Technology Daily reporter, from the beginning of reform "a window of acceptance", from the nine departments window "turn to apply" service window "one application"; once submitted, only need to submit a copy of the application materials, the Department of application materials will not repeat collection, review the same the implementation of examination results of recognition; shorten the time, rush (table) 1 and a half months to 3 working days. "For business, time is money. The reform of the "nine cards in one" is to allow enterprises to operate from the ‘cross the 110 meter hurdles’ into’ 100 meters sprint’." Wu Jiabin said. How do managers to "cut"? The core of the reform: management departments must break the barriers, work processes to be coordinated, to the mutual recognition of license "a window of acceptance" is just the beginning." Deputy Secretary of the Jiangmen high tech Zone Party Working Committee Pang Zhenghua said, "something of the road, from their own means to dare surgery." According to the design decision makers, to achieve the collection point "Nine Card", the approval link must achieve "internal transfer, synchronization approval, mutual information". This is the synergy between management departments. In Deng Weigen’s view, the various departments)相关的主题文章: