Ningbo 23, a significant cooling of these two days we promptly wash

Ningbo 23 days from the obvious cooling, these two days, you wash, sun, next week, a strong cold air will come. These days, when the sun appears, we seize the opportunity to wash sun. Yesterday, students at Zhejiang University’s Ningbo Institute of technology took their clothes out to make the scene spectacular. The reporter photo – Ningbo City lofty weather today cloudy with light rain sometimes cloudy tomorrow 16 C and 20 C 17 C and 24 C – today the primary pollutant of air quality in Ningbo good grade II NO2 these days, Ningbo in effect of warm air, rain or sunshine from time to time to reveal a face. Next week, a strong cold air will come in a threatening manner. Ningbo meteorological observatory predicts that next Tuesday, a strong cold air in the north will affect Ningbo. 23 days, the temperature will drop significantly, the maximum temperature dropped to below 15 degrees celsius. "China Meteorological enthusiasts" directly referred to next week as "cold wave week"". The cold wave may bring the largest range of cooling since the second half of this year, and the range of rain and snow will be unprecedented. At that time, North China, including Beijing, is likely to be the key area of snow, and the boundary between rain and snow will be pushed to Hubei Anhui Jiangsu area.

宁波23日起明显降温 这两天大家抓紧洗洗晒晒下周,一股强冷空气将到来。这几天,趁太阳露脸,大家抓紧时机洗晒。昨天,浙江大学宁波理工学院的学生们将衣物拿出来晾,场面壮观。记者高远摄●宁波城市天气今日阴天有时有小雨16℃—20℃明日多云17℃—24℃●今天宁波空气质量良Ⅱ级首要污染物NO2这几天,宁波在暖湿气流的影响下,小雨飘飘,阳光时不时露个脸。下周,一股强大的冷空气会气势汹汹而来。宁波市气象台预测,下周二,一股北方较强冷空气将会影响宁波。23日起,气温将明显下降,最高气温降至15℃以下。民间气象组织“中国气象爱好者”直接把下周称为“寒潮周”。这次寒潮可能会带来今年下半年以来最大范围的降温,雨雪范围会空前巨大。届时,包括北京在内的华北可能会是下雪的重点地区,雨雪分界线会推到湖北—安徽—江苏一带。相关的主题文章: