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Pregnancy Not enough breast milk? Low breast milk supply is a frequent occurrence for many women. Due to this , many women try methods that can be able to help to increase the amount of milk supply that their breast contain. One method that can be used to maintain or increase a woman’s breast milk supply is to pump your breasts while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and/ or pumping should be conducted at least up to 12 times per day.Feeding times or pumping sessions do not have to be long but should generally be more often and you should ensure that your baby seems full. Offer your breast to the baby every two or three hours during the day, for a couple of days or offer the breast in between usual feeding as a snacking option or for comfort to the baby. You should also ensure to offer both breasts during each feeding. Allow the baby finish the first breast feeding before switching to the other. Alternative switching encourages the baby to suck more strongly, when the pressure seems to have depleted which may be due to the baby falling asleep, stimulating good milk let down. Try to feed for as long as the baby wants and not time it for your convenience. This will make sure that the baby obtains a proper balance of fore milk and hind present in the breast. The removal of this milk will ensure increased milk production. Breast compression during feeding encourage the milk to flow more freely and keep the baby feeding longer. During the first couple of weeks of feeding, artificial nipples should be avoided as it may develop nipple confusion for the baby. This will cause your baby to refuse the breast. Resting adequately, increasing water intake, eating nutritiously and nursing frequently all promote milk production during the breast feeding weeks of your baby. Smoking, allergy medications and decongestants, sleeping on your stomach or wearing a bra that is too tight should be avoided because it may reduce breast milk supply.If these methods fail, there are medications that can be used to increase breast milk supply. Galactagogues are substances used to increase breast milk supply. These should be used as a last option to increase supply. Oats and oatmeal are also safe ways recommended to increase breast milk supply. While nursing, eat at least one bowl of oatmeal per day and observe if your milk supply has increased. Mother’s milk tea can also be used to increase breast milk. The tea contains herbs that are thought to help with lactation. Other herbs such as Fenugreek can also be administered in capsule form by lactation specialists. During breastfeeding weeks, do not introduce solid foods to a baby’s diet. This will cause the baby to wean from the breast earlier than you would like reducing breast milk supply. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: