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Oil and Gas Pipeline Hazard Investigation and remediation have limitations — energy — people.com.cn national oil and Gas Pipeline Hazard Investigation and remediation crucial development for nearly three years, found hidden pipelines of nearly 30 thousand, has more than 96% rectification, has achieved initial results. However, the Economic Information Daily reporters found that the scope of the investigation and remediation has its limitations, there are still a few areas of the other side of the rectification of the new problems and other issues, pipeline dynamic protection still needs to be strengthened. Experts interviewed said, completely solve the problems in the oil and gas pipeline safety, continuous and long-term governance. 96% hazards have been rectified to achieve the results of the recent results of the recent focus on oil and gas pipeline safety hazard visits found that the majority of major hazards have been remediation or ongoing. Took place in 2014 6? Pu District Dalian city 30 "accident, a piece marked by the third point lead out illegal barbaric construction stele stands on the ground, on both sides of the pipeline has been metal fence, warning signs clearly shows that under the oil pipeline. Pu District the pipeline bureau director Cao Yang said, 3 years in the area of investigation and all kinds of risks at more than 200 (up), which supervise the handling of risks 58 (up), according to a patient has a complete renovation. In November 22, 2013 63 people were killed and 156 injured in a major accident in Qingdao East yellow line, has been the investigation of 165 major hazards. At present, by shutting down east Yellow removal of the old line 90, Luqiao Han interleavedeliminating 23 repair, construction of pipe rack, line, removal of above tying materials eliminate 47. At the end of July this year, there are 5 items to be rerouted by tying risks rectification. Oil and gas pipeline companies are under the jurisdiction of the rapid progress of hazard remediation, as of the end of June 98.78% has been completed, the remaining hidden at the end of the year will be completed before the renovation; Sinopec pipeline storage and transportation company limited the hidden rectification rate of 95.1%, the State Security Committee Office 13 hidden dark unannounced visits to check and supervise the handling of all natural remediation; Sinopec gas company 3 years investigation of pipeline tie and safety distance problems 1212, currently has invested nearly 500 million funds for special governance, governance has been completed 1207, the remaining 5 hidden all located in Shandong Province, have also entered the final stage of implementation. In addition, to crack down on the illegal operation of the crime of theft of oil special action remarkable results. Sinopec pipeline storage and Transportation Company Limited, the special action since the company only issued a new drilling operation of the pipeline damage 1 times and 23 times compared with the same period last year fell 95.7%; pipeline 31.28 hours to 163.07 hours, compared with the same period last year fell 80.8%, since February 27th of this year for 150 consecutive days without the occurrence of new drilling failure cases. The best level in history. The investigation and rectification is limited need to continue long-term governance nationwide investigation and remediation of oil and gas pipeline to tackle the outstanding achievements, but this approach has its limitations, can not complete sleep without any anxiety. Wang Rujun, deputy chief engineer and director of the Institute of safety science and technology in China, many experts and industry insiders believe that this limitation is reflected in many aspects: first, the current investigation相关的主题文章: