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Oil tycoon 2 million 100 thousand – Sohu daughter wedding flash marriage according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the Chechen oil tycoon Moussa Bazaar (Musa Bazhaev) – Bazaar Irina for the girl (Elina Bazhaeva) in Monaco held a lavish wedding. Irina Bazaar is 21 years old this year, still a student, she married a 25 year old entrepreneur Beck Ali Khan – Ma Mark Jef (Bek Ali Khan Mamakaev), very luxurious wedding, the bride’s wedding dress will light up to 240 thousand pounds (about 2 million 100 thousand yuan). Why is this wedding dress so expensive that many users have been asking questions on social networks?. According to the letter, suchar wedding by Lebanon’s most famous fashion designer Murad design, cost up to 240 thousand pounds. The designer suchar – Murad (Zuhair Murad). The newly married couple met in February of this year, after the permission of Irina’s father, two people began to fall in love. 2 months later, Ma Mark Jef proposed to Irina. And immersed in the love of Irina immediately agreed to him, and began planning the two sweet wedding. This couple is a perfect match. Ma Mark Jef graduated from a university in London, England, proficient in 6 languages. He is also an heir to the Dorchester group and cosmetics company Alima. Currently, he helped his father take care of the family business. Not to mention Irina, her father Moussa Bazaar is 49 years old this year, is a Chechen oil tycoon, well-off family. The couple’s wedding is only 100 VIP guests to attend, which is the standard of marriage in Chechnya, is a small scale. Six months ago, Irina’s oldest sister also held a wedding, when there were about 600 people attended. Irina’s parents did not attend the wedding, because the traditional Chechen wedding is paid by the groom’s family, and only by the groom’s family members to participate. Shanghai wedding photography by LAN? Tel: 4000-926-886 website: LAN? Wedding photography studio has senior photographer, experienced stylist and skilled post production team, is a collection of stylish wedding dresses, wedding couple photo, personal photo, art photo, post production as one of the wedding photography studio.相关的主题文章: