On the issues of sexual assault RCMP compensation or over $100 million. winflash

RCMP compensation or apology on issues of sexual assault ultra $100 million original title: RCMP internal sexual issue an apology and compensation $100 million in gold or over new Toronto on 6 October, (reporter Xu Changan) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Police October 6th local time on the country’s police forces inside the long-standing problem of sexual assault to make a historic apology. A promise to compensate victims and thousands of. Compensation is expected to total more than 100 million Canadian dollars (RMB more than 500 million yuan). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer Bob Paulson (Bob Paulson) the same day with the Federal Minister of public security held a press conference in Ottawa. Paulson admitted that in the past 42 years, a lot of service in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police women suffered sexual discrimination, bullying and sexual assault. Some female victims sad to leave, some still remain in the police force the victim to swallow, no complaints. Since September 16, 1974, the RCMP began recruiting women service. But in the past few years there have been mounted troops of sexual assault scandal. Former police officer Janet Melro (Janet Merlo) and (Linda), respectively, in March 2012 and in March 2015 to initiate proceedings, the Royal riding warning on the court of appeal (Davidson). Litigation received a large number of victims response, more than 1400 victims stepped forward to join the class action. Two litigation promoters also attended the press conference the same day. The RCMP announced at a press conference, the plaintiff and the RCMP reached an out of court settlement agreement on such a lawsuit. In the news of the settlement, Paulson admitted at a press conference, "the RCMP sexual behavior for these women physically hurt, some marriage and family have suffered harm". ‘I would like to express my sincere apology on behalf of all the leaders, regulators and managers, on behalf of every commander,’ Mr. Paulson said. "You in the MP for community service, and we live up to you, we hurt you, in this regard, I sincerely say sorry." Paulson apologized to the people of the whole country, because the RCMP as national law enforcement agencies, but set a "shameful" model, "we make you deeply disappointed". Since the court has not yet made a final ruling on the settlement agreement, the specific amount of compensation has not been announced. But the RCMP announced compensation for since 1974 the forces of all female Rangers gender discrimination, bullying and sexual harm suffered. Paulson said the federal government generously set up a $100 million compensation, and not capped. The RCMP announced the same day to solve the problem of reform measures, including the Advisory Committee set up 8 to 12 people to solve the problem of the establishment of the anti sexual assault troopers, scholarship in universities, increasing the recruitment of female Rangers and to reach 30% in 2025 the total number of police. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: