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"One day tour" is a formidable capital shame original title: "one day tour" is the capital. Both formidable is to strengthen the tourism industry chaos monitoring and remediation efforts in accordance with the law, or by some innovative means to reconstruct the ecological health of the tourism industry, Beijing should set a good example for other city. Whether in the domestic tourism or overseas travel, I like to book some sightseeing items in advance, let the regular institutions help arrange the time and traffic, design the best sightseeing route, equipped with professional guide to explain, often more than yourself wandering around, blind to more comfortable. However, whenever friends and relatives come to Beijing to travel, I will not recommend them to choose "one-day tour" project. The reason is very simple, the "one day tour" project in Beijing is too little, almost nothing. From the recent heat transfer network video, can be on the Beijing tour chaos: how in the video, a few in "day" tourists want to get off the bus to visit Ming Dynasty Tombs attractions, the tour guide was also threatened "harshly abusive, you do not want to die". Search network, on the Beijing "one-day tour" forced shopping, half-way dumped, tour guide service Tucao is also very poor, and even some people sigh with emotion "not only money, almost died."". In fact, the industry has revealed that Beijing many illegal tour with half "Underworld" properties rented from the "black", "black guide" to hire collusion "black", has formed a chain of interests. Because of this, CITS, CYTS travel, regular travel agency has collective exit "tour market. This means that tourists in Tiananmen, the front door, Beijing West Railway Station and other places to see "day tour" advertising, may be hidden traps. Tourism is an important way for people to know a city. If it is popular in other cities and even around the world, it will become a formidable noun in Beijing. It is undoubtedly the capital’s regret. If we can’t treat the illegal "one day tour" chaos, it will make the tourists who have suffered losses and have excessive time misunderstand Beijing, and will no longer be willing to appreciate the culture, history and scenery of the city more deeply and comprehensively. Further, illegal tour rampant to push back the "regular army", to a certain extent, but also can be regarded as the capital. After all, whether it is the level of social governance and the implementation of "tourism law" and other laws and regulations of the efforts, Beijing should be "national capital". Whether those illegal tour behind what forces backing, let them at the train station, city attractions such as the window, not in a flagrant way of cheating, the capital should be the scene. In the short term, illegal tour damage to the image of the city is the case, such as the city of Beijing may also worry about the source; but in the long term, "harm tour chaos can not be underestimated, it destroyed by far is not only a city’s ecological tourism. With the outbound tourism continues to rise, more and more Chinese people prefer to travel around the world shopping, do not want to spend money in Beijing, which is undoubtedly worth pondering. An open city, not only to attract guests all over the world, but also should let each visitor can feel at home. Of course, "one day, 4."

“一日游”令人生畏是首都之耻   原标题:“一日游”令人生畏是首都之耻   无论是依法加强对旅游行业乱象的监管和整治力度,还是通过一些创新手段重构旅游行业的健康生态,北京都应该为其他城市做出表率。   无论在国内旅游还是赴境外旅游,我都喜欢提前预订一些观光项目――让正规机构帮着安排时间和交通、设计最佳观光路线、配备专业导游讲解,常常比自己乱逛瞎转要舒心得多。不过,每当有亲友来北京旅游,我都不会推荐他们选择“一日游”项目。原因很简单,靠谱的北京“一日游”项目实在太少,几近于无。   从最近网络热传的一段视频,就能管窥北京“一日游”到底有多乱:视频中,几名参加“一日游”的游客希望下车参观明十三陵景点,结果竟遭导游厉声辱骂,还被威胁“你是不是想死”。检索网络,关于北京“一日游”强迫购物、中途甩客、导游服务差的吐槽也非常多,甚至还有一些人感慨“不仅要钱,差点儿要命”。   其实早有业内人士透露,北京很多非法“一日游”都带有半“黑社会”性质,从租用“黑车”、雇佣“黑导游”到勾结“黑店”,已形成一条黑色利益链。正因如此,国旅、中旅、中青旅等正规旅行社已集体退出“一日游”市场。这意味着,游客在天安门、前门、北京西站等地看到的“一日游”广告,都有可能暗藏陷阱。   旅游是人们认识一座城市的重要途径,如果在其他城市乃至全世界都备受游客欢迎的“一日游”,在北京成了一个令人生畏的名词,无疑是首都之憾。如果不能将非法“一日游”乱象治理好,可能会让那些吃过亏、上过当的游客对北京产生误解,进而不再愿意更深入、更全面地欣赏这座城市的文化、历史和风景。   进一步说,非法“一日游”猖獗到逼退“正规军”,从某种程度来说也可视为首都之耻。毕竟,无论是社会治理水平还是落实《旅游法》等法律法规的力度,北京都应该是“首善之区”。无论那些非法“一日游”背后有没有什么势力撑腰,放任他们在火车站、景点等城市窗口明目张胆地宰客,都不是首都应有的景象。   从短期来看,非法“一日游”对城市形象的损害是个案式的,诸如北京这样的城市可能也不愁客源;但从长期来看,“一日游”乱象的危害不容小觑,它所破坏的远不仅是一座城市的旅游生态。随着出境旅游不断升温,已经有越来越多中国人宁愿到世界各地旅游购物,也不愿到北京花“冤枉钱”,这无疑值得深思。   一座开放的城市,不仅要能吸引四海宾客,更应该让每个游客都能宾至如归。当然,“一日游”乱象并非北京一地独有,其他一些热门旅游城市也存在非法“一日游”现象。但是,无论是依法加强对旅游行业乱象的监管和整治力度,还是通过一些创新手段重构旅游行业的健康生态,北京都应该为其他城市做出表率。   相关报道见05版   □汤嘉琛 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: