Ouyang Zijing dovish remarks strongly united states that spot gold and silver back pressure analysis-g227

Ouyang Zijing: dovish remarks strongly refers back spot gold and silver bearing operation analysis of the United States in December COMEX gold futures prices on Monday (September 12th) fell $8.90 an ounce, or 0.7%, to close at $1325.60 an ounce. Gold prices callback for fourth consecutive days, and refresh the lowest closing price in September. Although the price of gold fell last weekend, but the cycle is still recorded a 0.6% increase in gold, and recorded a rise for the past two weeks. Gold prices fell because the market worried about next week’s FOMC meeting before the quiet period, the Fed governor Renard hawkish and release rate hike signal, thus resulting in the price of gold under pressure in the trading firm in fell, but then Renard published dovish remarks, the gold price in electronic trading and the sharp rebound recovered some losses in days. Federal Reserve Chairman Renard said on Monday, although the economy has made progress, but the labor market to improve the inflation is limited, the Fed should be careful not to raise interest rates too fast. Brainard is the last official of the Fed’s September meeting before the public speech, her position is seen as relatively close to the president Yellen, its dovish stance to boost U.S. stocks rose. He believes that the Fed must be careful, don’t be too quick to withdraw monetary stimulus. Fell her dovish remarks to the probability of a rate hike in September. At the same time, Minneapolis Fed President Cash Kari Monday also pointed out that low inflation means that the Fed does not raise interest rates sharply pressure. [Renard stressed that the five reasons for caution] [1] inflation in response to the improvement of the labor market is weaker than in the past. [2] labor market slack seems to remain. [3] financial transmission from foreign markets is relatively strong, and brings risks. [4] and policy tightening cycle when the level of interest rates to be lower than in the past. These factors are likely to continue for some time. [5] is the last point is that the ability to respond to the negative impact of monetary policy is weaker than the rapid rebound in demand. Spot gold technical analysis] spot gold traded near $1330 ounce. The daily chart, the price of gold yesterday received overcast Cross stars, short-term bottom 1320 support line, having rebounded recovery days concern 1330 line loss, stabilize 1330 continues to rebound on 1335-1338 resistance, blocked callback concern 1328 support, continued to look below yesterday’s low of 1320 support; temporarily no gold trend trends, pay attention to 1320-1340 interval shock interval ends high sell low residue, buying mainly, supplemented by high gold price volatility; mainly because the Fed meeting is coming, the market for the fed to raise interest rates when more sensitive words, Fed officials yesterday pigeon hawk impermanent speech is the biggest factor affecting gold price volatility, though an increase in September was almost denied market. Because the September hike is hopeless, near the dollar index downward pressure to 95 watershed, currently the gold investment market in the "golden nine silver ten" with the United States presidential election, gold has become a safe haven investment market choice, having gained before.相关的主题文章: