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Overwhelm is one of the toughest things my clients face. No surprise, of course. The people I work with tend to have one thing in .mon: Theyre creative types with lots of great ideas and a deep desire to be of service in the world. (If youre reading this, youre probably that kind of person, too.) Creative types are often challenged by the practical day-to-day stuff of life. To-dos, organization, finances, getting things done. NONE of this .es easy! Overwhelm be.es a way of life. Only problem is this: Overwhelm leaves you emotionally drained, constantly feeling like youll never quite catch up. As a creative person, you might have to accept that youll be overwhelmed on a regular basis, but you can also take a few practical steps to over.e overwhelm. Here are five secrets Ive learned along the way that have helped me get back on purpose in my daily life. 1 Get out of the weeds If youve ever waitressed, then you know what it means to be in the weeds. So much is happening so fast that you cant even pause to regroup. Many of us live our whole lives like this! We wake up and just start reacting. If this is you, then its time to get out of the weeds and into the habit of something I call Self-Summits. A Self-Summit is a weekly 30-minute practice Sundays are perfect! during which you connect with your intentions, remind yourself of your goals, and get clear on your priorities. You look at the week ahead and: List your top three priorities (not your 57 to-dos!) for the week. Get clear on up.ing appointments. Schedule your work-out time, your writing time, your downtime, etc. This one practice does wonders for keeping you on track. Even if your week doesnt work out exactly as planned, this is better than not having any plan at all! 2 Project vs. Task Is this your to-do list? –> Re-paint house. Create website. Write book. Eat healthy. If so, then its time to discern between a project and a task. A project is something biglike a website. It looms like a monolith on your to-do list, with its own foreboding theme song that plays every time you glance at it. A task, on the other hand, is something you can actually .plete. Like, Write bio. Or Call Photographer. Learn to break down your projects into tasks during your Self-Summits, and youll reduce your overwhelm by at least 75%! 3 Experience .pletion I often make my clients set their weekly goals so small that they laugh at me. I do this because most of the creatives I work with have never allowed themselves the bold luxury of simply experiencing .pletion. When you experience .pletion, then you can maintain your motivation. When you are always running to keep up with your 73-item to-do list, then you are prone to overwhelm and burn out. Make your goals and your to-do list small so that you can revel in getting .plete! Think of .pletion as an essential vitamin that makes you immune to overwhelm! 4 Set the Timer This will sound so simple and stupid that youll think, Yea, yea yea. Got it. A timer. Duh. But hear me out! Lets say youve scheduled 2 hours to write Chapter 4 of your book. Set the timer for 55 minutes, and write. Dont go one minute over or under. Take a five-minute break. Then set your timer for another 55 minutes. When the clock is running, you wont be as tempted to go downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer, or see if the mail has arrived. Its an effective mind game that keeps your butt in the chair and your focus on the task. Even my most skeptical clients have be.e believers in the timer. 5 Eliminate All-Or-Nothing Thinking Many creatives see only two options: Either be fun-loving, chaotic, creative and spontaneous OR Be a totally boring robot who never experiences love or joy. This is called All-or-Nothing Thinking. It is also a Limiting Belief. It is downright untrue and even destructive, and it will keep you playing catch-up forever! The trick to over.ing overwhelm is to play with these new habits. Tweak them so they work for YOU. Many people use all-or-nothing thinking as an excuse for not even trying. They give up on themselves way too quickly. Dont expect to be perfect when you first start digging out of overwhelm. But DO expect yourself to keep practicing these habits. About the Author: Christine Kane is the president of Uplevel YOU , a million-dollar .pany .mitted to the success and empowerment of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Christine has helped thousands of people uplevel their success, wealth and lives through coaching, in-person retreats and innovative programs, where she teaches high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies, as well as transformational techniques to uplevel mindsets and money. 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