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Over the hills to see the scenery (4) Zouhun bridge, will love to the end! Sohu – tourism last night worried that some redundant, although cars more efficient, rugged mountain, but overall a good road, walk to play, 250 kilometers of mountain road, walked more than 7 hours, more than 3 pm arrived in Lugu Lake. Mad girl excited, climbed on top of the car, busy self timer. Two old guys do not know it anyway, and estimated the wondering to find the toilet. Lugu Lake, located in Sichuan and Yunnan at the junction of Yang’Erche’Namu in his autobiography, "out of the" daughter of the country, to the Lugu Lake has a beautiful name – Oriental daughter of the country, and this unique "take" system, the original ethnic customs and the magnificent a landscape of lakes and mountains to inform the world, let everyone know such a unique place. Buddies ready to, some wait, let me drive straight to Luowa pier, because nearby is Lugu Lake famous Zouhun and Caohai bridge. Buddies on some bridge full of expectation. Petrova pier, a white pagoda erected in the lake, the flags are dancing in the wind. The surrounding hills, Shen Zi Xian state, zhouwan Island, or hidden or. The graceful Lake twists and turns, winding stretch. Beautiful, really beautiful, dumb brother, a man there talking to himself. The boat is a boat Mosuo traditional traffic and transport: Pig tank ship. Now painted a variety of colors, but also a beautiful scenery on Lugu Lake. The distance to the floating pig slot in the boat, the boat handles: "Mei to go on Mo, Mei accompany you to head off the western hills". Crazy girl let me accompany her to explore, good way not to go, have to go some thorns trail, can’t stand, send people. Absolutely crazy, a daredevil. The two old man is really good, it seems that the worry is redundant, far from the language and small Lei left behind, standing on the goddess of the island on the island of Princess urged us to go early. The goddess Bay is the best angle of view of the sunset sunset Lugu Lake, here is one of the most beautiful scenery of the Lugu Lake site. Princess Island, also called in a rich sunken Island, when the toast above built a luxurious palace, for lady Xiao Shuming from Ya’an han. Xiao Shuming, 16, spent her entire youth on the island. Today, Jiangshan still, all the personnel, wandering on the island, feeling a lot. Mosuo marriage custom is great news for the crazy girl, all men can retaliate, kazakhstan. The girl is girl, on some bridge also get up for a long time, a few pigtail braid, will bring good luck. Zouhun bridge, formerly known as sea grass, common bridge connects the two sides, just all kinds of mysterious legend gives the meaning of this bridge is different. According to legend, love of men and women together through long marriage bridge, love will be enduring as the universe. The girl walked back and forth no less than 5 times, the heart of the desire to understand me, ha! Speechless Redknapp had fled too horrible to look at. Two good base friends also want to love in the end? Caohai is a wetland, the green one, then I believe that if autumn is more beautiful. Continued the girl相关的主题文章: