Overbearing female agents Dongyu Zhou finally throw off line 14 body spell stellarium

Overbearing female agents Dongyu Zhou finally throw off line "14 body" spell lead: the long-awaited "sparrow" has experienced many twists and turns, Tiaodang, after the extension was finally launched! Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou starred in the "high IQ brain burn after reading the Spy Drama, just want to say too much fuel! (source: posters fashion network) "sparrow" "sparrow" "sparrow" in addition to the plot to burn outside the brain, "a few cut constantly tangled feelings, also make people curious about the sparrow", the biggest surprise is that deep Chen (Li Yifeng) and Xu Bicheng (Dongyu Zhou ornaments) from the past teachers and students to love each other but difficult to be tangled today. "Sparrow" with "Gu Jian" red, "energy-saving" said Li Yifeng carry the "sparrow" in Chen Shen beam, lurking in the enemy side of the Communist party. The peak finally go Xian swordsman wind, double agent Chen to deep! We added: Li Yifeng is so cute! Dongyu Zhou in the "sparrow", breaking the previous screen image, design sophistication, full of energy, finally get rid of the "14 body" spell! Don’t burn, touch your conscience and tell me! Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou’s play for too long, plus the first challenge spy theme, to go the route of Dongyu Zhou fresh and lovely, is not a small challenge. The appearance of her petite play play in the highly explosive, Dongyu Zhou played a less mature female agent Xu Bi Cheng, in the heart of love and faith, experienced a test of life and death, life and death in the final line of gorgeous, a woman turned and juntong. Talk about their roles, Dongyu Zhou also quipped: "I played an ugly adorable rookie agent, eventually became the outstanding agents of our party.". The transformation of Dongyu Zhou’s image, the winter rain girl overbearing female agents "to attack other" is absolutely a punchline. Attack modeling is not only a masculine and feminine sense of handsome, Liu Yifei, "bent" countless girls such as actress Liu Tao to go with the other offensive temperament! To attack other points: Dongyu Zhou has a matte makeup makeup handsome makeup, makeup to matte texture, easy to create neutral feel strong makeup. Although the gloss makeup is popular choice makeup trend, but too shiny makeup will make the whole makeup become young, but lack of handsome athletic feeling. To attack other two points: the main point when the handsome Dongyu Zhou unruly Eyeliner Eyeliner makeup, eyeliner to rise and back extension, the eyes have elongated as the sense that, with a little playful and uninhibited. First of all, to take a black eyeliner to fill the inner liner. Can be painted along the root of the Eye Liner Eyeliner, in the outer part of the eye liner, you can choose brown, so that the eyes have a sense of hierarchy, along the inside of the top of the liner to start painting. To attack other three points: soft and bright hair soft and bright black hair Dongyu Zhou is essential to shape the interpretation of gas makeup ", is full of shiny black hair will set off the facial skin more white, with a pair of clear eyes, more can show both handsome and beautiful woman with a special point!相关的主题文章: