Pay attention to these points, no makeup ten years old — fashion —

Pay attention to these points, no makeup ten years old — fashion — original title: pay attention to these points, no makeup ten years old girl does not love makeup. Sometimes there are a lot of reasons: too much trouble, and no time to bother getting up in the morning and so on, there will not be a reason: make-up change aunt. Obviously only 18 years old, but after makeup makeup second change of 28. The angry woman who come to see, Xin Wei Xiao Bian is so thoughtful and careful, summed up the following points, we should remember girl. 1 should not be painted thick eyeliner eyes are the most likely to betray the age where a woman, if the black eye is too thick, will cover the eyes of Reiki, let a person look very not the spirit, suddenly many emaciated, naturally look older. Especially under the eye liner, and even the use of point coating can be. The eye is the first thing to talk to local time with people, so no makeup. The correct method is: use eyeliner will fill the eyelash root can be refreshing natural without affectation. 2 draw eyebrow shape to tidy even to perfect makeup, if the eyebrows out of order also can make the eye makeup look scores fell. Sharp black eyebrows, please let them go. Remember to always fix our eyebrow. The correct method is: to get rid of the big eyes can not highlight the fine eyebrows, outdated long eyebrows. Gossamer eye makeup is more suitable for some thick eyebrows. You can use the eyebrow to create fluffy texture, eyebrow pencil in sparse place a sketch. The tool selection for good Japanese imports of stainless steel tool, five Pack 3 cheeks? Like a natural blush is a magic weapon to create good complexion, make makeup look more delicate, also look better, but the wrong color or smear too thick, it will make the makeup looks pale and become tacky. The method is correct: use the blush brush cleaning, edge transition to natural, the opposite of light, can make more transparent blush. 4 perfect makeup makeup makeup to light of course can not be ignored, the tone is consistent with the color of your skin, daub is uniform, the texture is suitable for your skin, affect the makeup key, white had not looked like old problems, really can not bear to look. Makeup remover is also the key to keep the skin meticulous. The use of deep cleansing skin cleansing cotton 5 Concealer Concealer should not overdo sth. is to conceal flaws, don’t let the concealer become highlights your flaws, but if the smear is too much, will let you dry more conspicuous, aging did not discuss. Direct skin care in place to avoid defects. 6 lip moist nourishing? This one is small to say? Chapped lips is really terrible. Wipe some lip balm? The correct method is: first to use Lip Balm Moisturizing lips, with a paper towel absorb excess oil, then the next step. (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: