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After the completion of the money did not apply for job seekers to report intermediaries three job seekers to the relevant departments of the collective complaints intermediary companies. Yesterday, two college students of Dalian National University to the newspaper material, in September 30th, they arrived at the Roosevelt Building in Dalian Tianxing fiber port Human Resources Management Limited, each pay 400 yuan, the company introduced the agreement for their work, have not yet on the gang; coincidentally, in September 24th, Heilongjiang to Dalian to find a job Meng in the company to pay 650 yuan, she also no work. When the reporter interviewed the company, a staff member said that many times to recommend their posts, job seekers who refused posts. Yesterday, three job seekers came to the Dalian municipal labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment and the Dalian Municipal Price Bureau, the company conducted a report. Reported to pay 400 yuan has not been an intermediary fee of female college students suspected of cheating in order to find a part-time job, we paid a total of $400, up to now has been 9 days, there has been no posts on the job, has not been on duty for the past two days." For this rebellion students Xiao Yang and Zhang from Dalian National University, they told reporters, September 30th at the Dalian Roosevelt Building Tianxing fiber port Human Resources Management Ltd. "contract and payment. They said: "in fact, we do not know at the beginning of this company, we are in the 58 city site sent a resume to find a part-time job, and then one day we received a notice of the company’s interview." Xiao Yang received a text message she sent to the reporter, the text message to notify her Hello, notify you of the interview address…… Has made an appointment for your interview, please bring your ID card, work place can be arranged nearby." After receiving the message, she and classmate Zhang came together in Shahekou Tianxing Roosevelt Building 12 buildings Dalian fiber port Human Resource Management Company Limited ", signed and pay 400 yuan per person. Yesterday, Xiao Yang took the signing of the service agreement, told reporters that the agreement was signed in the contract period is 1 years, about the content of the company to provide her part-time job opportunities. What is the cost of the $400? According to their holdings of the company issued notes show that 400 yuan as information service consulting fees, and bills marked marked, the cost will not be refunded". In this regard, Yang and Zhang told reporters, when the company staff told them, 20 yuan is 380 yuan is filing fees, work permits and other expenses. After signing the agreement, they did receive a work permit. "We were required to give our restaurant part-time work, but when you sign the agreement, the company asked us to write, in addition to restaurant work, other work can also accept, after signing the agreement, the company also recommended to us, but those who are not we had agreed upon the type of work, until now, we have no posts, we think cheated." Find online encounters similar complaints to the Municipal Labor Security Supervision Detachment report Yang and Zhang said, the university time out to find a job, is to earn their living expenses, reduce the burden of the family, did not expect to pay 400 yuan, or no work, they are depressed, new相关的主题文章: