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Writing We understand that many times authors have to just throw away their work, just to make sure the end product shines a little more. Ask the same question to Jonathan Franzen, expecting that hed say he threw away hundreds of pages, and he says thousands. Does that shock you? Wait, theres more to .e in the next paragraph. But then, when a known author is penning a novel, there is too much at stake to take a risk. The Diagnosis Came With A Solution The man had written an essay way back in 1996, when he said people didnt want news, they just wanted entertainment. He wrote it with despair, but he truly believed the audience didnt want any ideology either. He diagnosed the problem, and he went one step ahead, he decided he would solve it, too. It is difficult to believe now that there was a time when he spent several days in solitude, in blindfold, and that at that time he didnt deliver much in pages. There were worse days also, when he could produce nothing, since all he had to show was hours of bridge, the shots of vodka that disappeared, and then the inevitable sleepless nights. He Wrote In The Dark When he succeeded in starting to write something, he did that in dark. Maybe he was afraid the light would take his ideas away. He wrote behind soundproof walls, with blinds drawn and he wrote just by feeling the keyboard. This was the price he paid for his imagination; for he knew he had to sustain the imaginary world he had created in his mind. He also had to fight tirelessly to keep his mind away from all the clichs. Passionate About His Work The man looks pretty much unassuming but when it .es to work, he is passionate about it, may be overly so. He says he is weird, and we take his word for it. When he is finally ready to show you the end product, youd like to take a look (more than that). His novel looks like a trigonometry map but is actually a story which covers the highs and lows of his characters. Before you get mistaken, allow us to emphasize the characters are not mad. They are just caught on a runaway train of life, and they have simply decided to hang on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: