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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A lot of questions may arise in your mind before buying the best food processor. The budget is the basic factor that will determine the requirement. There are other factors too that can make you more specific about the product. Basically, the models vary in their prices, because of the features and variable capacity. If the requirement is for a .mercial or daily basis, the selection of an automatic mode is preferable. But if you want for domestic need, a manual food processor can also serve the purpose. The type of food processor varies from model to model. Therefore, selection of the best can be a serious challenge for you. Food processors are available as manual, mini, electric and .mercial. Today, even baby food processors are a great need for mothers. All these food processors are different in their specifications as per the requirement of the kitchen or any other .mercial purpose. The manual processor would be very practical if you just want to chop and slice up couple of food items for a quick meal and not being hassled with the strenuous job of heavy cooking. The basic functions which manual processors perform are shredding, slicing and chopping vegetables, nuts and fruits with the least physical efforts. Just turn the crank of the processor with your hand and make the preparing process easier and simpler. This might take some time, but won’t exceed more than few minutes. The manual food processors are .paratively cheaper than the other types and can easily suit a low budget. The decision is .pletely yours, because it is up to you to determine the usage of your food processor. If you are a daily user or a professional chef, it would be wiser to go for the electric food processor. This may increase the budget by a certain amount, but can be an effective investment for the future. An electric food processor can be easily operated at the press of a button. An electric food processor can handle a great efficiency as the use of power wattage is more. The use of the advanced motors can easily slice, shred, and chop the vegetables and .fruits in the best manner and hence proves more powerful and safe than the manual food processors. The electric food processors can be a bit expensive, but in a long runs turns out to be the most economical one. The use of an electric food processor depends upon the quantity of the desired food materials. For example if the restaurant or food count needs better output, a general food processor won’t serve the entire purose. In that case, an advanced model needs to be replaced, so that the work is finely done without any .plaint. An inexpensive food processor can be a good match if the requirements are limited. If you think that a good investment can help to save time and efforts, a better brand can suit your prerequisites in various manners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: